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Making a Hairbow Holder November 5, 2012

Today’s guest post comes from my friend, Carly. Carly will be sharing with us how she made a bow holder for her little girl, Ainsley. I hoe you enjoy this as much as I did! This is a great idea for your little girl and gifts for friends, even baby showers!

All girls need accessories.  Even tiny ones!  My 19 month old daughter, Ainsley, has several.  I kept them everwhere: drawers, baskets, my pockets.  I finally decided it would be nice to have them all in one location.  After browsing around on the internet, I found one I liked and decided to attempt to make it myself.  I absolutely LOVED the ones that look like a princess dress, with a tulle skirt, but I am not that brave.  I may try that one day, but not today.

You will need a few materials:

-A hot glue gun and glue sticks


-Fabric to cover the canvas

-1 inch grosgrain ribbon and 3/8 inch satin ribbon



Items Needed

I got all my materials at….WalMart, including the hot glue gun, which I did not own.  I bought the smallest size, which was perfect for this project.  The canvases came in a pack of two, and they were 11×14 inches for about 7 dollars, so there is approximately 3.50  per project.  If you have to buy ribbon for the project, that will be about 5 dollars.  I bought  a pack of Velcro squares, and one pack is enough to make 3 of these and it was just a little over a dollar.  Walmart carries individual swatches of fabric that measure 18×21 inches, and one piece of fabric was .97 cents, I believe.  So the project costs about ten dollars to make.

As you can see in the pictures, I did everything on a towel.  This was the same towel I ruined when I made Ainsley’s ribbon holder.  I’m not an expert at working with a hot glue gun, and from my experience, it can be a little messy.

First, the fabric needs to be ironed.  You don’t want to skip this step!  After the fabric is ironed, you will need to trim it so the it will just wrap around the inside of the canvas.  I left about two inches on each side.

Wrapping fabric around board

Then, I wrapped the canvas up! A staple gun would also work for this part, but I don’t own a staple gun.  I burned myself several times with the glue gun, so I’m thankful I didn’t use staples.  Working one side at a time, and making sure the fabric is straight and smooth, I hot glued the fabric to the canvas.  I placed hot glue along the back edge of the canvas and also the inner edge to wrap the fabric completely around.  I did this on all four sides and let the glue dry for a couple minutes.

Hot glue time!

After this step, I flipped the canvas over and arranged the ribbons.  You can really arrange the ribbons however you want.  I laid the arrangement out completely before I glued the ribbons down.

Placing ribbon

I then glued the ribbons down one at a time. I did the middle satin ribbons first, then the two vertical ribbons, then the top horizontal ribbon, then the 3 satin ribbons at the bottom, and finally the lower horizontal ribbon.  You will place glue at the ends of each ribbon.  For any ribbons that wrap around behind the canvas, I glued them to the back.  This is what the back of the finished product looks like.

Finished backside

After the ribbons are glued in place, I glued Velcro to the thin satin ribbons that will hold the ponytail holders.  I had one Velcro square and each side in thirds, since this doesn’t need to be a large piece of Velcro.  I glued one side of the Velcro to in my case, the grosgrain ribbon, and the opposite piece of Velcro to the end of the satin ribbon that attached.  You can see in the picture below I placed pieces on the bottom row.

Velcro pieces

I then tied three tiny bows to hot glue to the end of the satin ribbon.  Honestly, the hardest part for me was tying those teeny bows!  They do have bows and other decorations you can purchase, but I didn’t want to pay anything extra when I already had enough materials to finish the project.  I also added hot glue between the fabric and grosgrain ribbon behind the bows for additional support, since I knew I would be pulling on these to get the ponytail holders and headbands off.

Ponytail holders

I then attached a bow to the top for hanging.  This is the finished product!

Finished product!

This was such a fun and easy project that I decided to attempt other crafty things. At the moment, I am trying to teach myself to crochet.  So if anyone has any tips for that, I would love to hear them!

Carly is a working mom who lives in Bluff City with her husband, Ben, her precious daughter, Ainsley, and her two dogs, Max & Bella.


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