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Mommy Fashion 101 November 16, 2012

There’s nothing that pains me more than a mommy who says she can’t be fashionable. Well, there are things that pain me more, but this is hard on the ears. A lot of it has to do with money and time. When you’re spending the majority of your money on your little one, and would rather do so anyways, it’s hard to find the extra money to spend on yourself. Time is also a big kicker. Who wants to spend time shopping when your child could start walking? That’s what I thought. It’s hard to balance and put priorities together to make it even possible to do. Today I want to share with you how you can make the most of it and become a queen of mommy fashion.

My first bit of advice would be to take your child with you along with another capable person who can watch him or her. This way you don’t miss out on time with your child but you also bring someone to help you. It’s hard to shop with a little one so having someone to tag team with is great. There are sometimes I go by myself, too. I’m not sure I enjoy shopping by myself anymore. Not having Emma is like missing an arm so I usually like to bring her along with me however there are certain times that it’s just better to shop without her, for her safety and my sanity.

My next piece of advice is don’t rush through shopping so quickly that everything you buy is full price. Seriously? Why buy today what you can buy tomorrow…half price? I target the clearance racks right away when I go into a retail store. Sometimes it takes some extra work to find something and sometimes I don’t find anything at all. That’s a painful day but it happens. When I see something I really, really like that is full price I go back to the store a couple times over the next month to see if it’s been discounted any. Now you do run the chance here that either they will sell out before being discounted OR they won’t have the size you want. It’s the price you pay for the bargain. Here’s a little tip though: I have never missed out on something that I specifically remember today. Apparently it didn’t bother me that bad. That’s good news. I saved money and wasn’t heartbroken afterwards. Oh, and keep in mind to shop seasonal clearance, too. Right now they are moving from fall to winter clothes so guess what? Seasonal sale! The best ones are the ones that transition from winter to spring and summer to fall.

My favorite piece of advice is to buy second hand. I can’t tell you how many great deals I have found along the way but not worrying about being something “used”. A lot of times you can find things in second hand stores that still have the tags on them, too, meaning they haven’t been used at all (unless you bought your stuff from Minnie Pearl). I have bought some of my favorite outfits this way. I bought a Ralph Lauren shirt at a thrift store for $4 that looks brand new. I don’t even want to think of the price for that in a department store. Even at TJ Maxx it would have been about $20-$25. I bought a pair of American Eagle jeans at She Swap this past spring for $5. The only thing wrong with them was they were missing a button on the back pocket. Who cares? No one even notices those things. I think my most recent favorite deal was a Gap winter coat I bought at a yard sale for $6. I’ve worn it a lot so far and am really glad I bought it. So, for $15 I have an entire outfit that brand new would have cost me well over $150! I will be glad to save $135 any day.

My only other piece of advice is to always be ready to find a deal. Look regularly. It doesn’t mean you’ll win every time or find anything at all but this is the most foolproof way to find the best deals. I hope these tips have helped and you find some AMAZING deals in the near future!

What are some of your tips for finding good deals on clothes/accessories?


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