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Week of Thanksgiving Day #2- Homemade Holiday Decorations November 20, 2012

One thing I really like about Thanksgivbing is all the decorations! It’s so much fun to have a holiday full of so many ideas and creativity that you can’t even begin to start! At least that’s how I am. I look at the all the ideas and think, “where do I begin?” Today I wanted to share with you some ideas for Thanksgiving décor that can start at Thanksgiving and some will last throughout the entire year (and beyond)! Please note that not all of these ideas are my own, I have stolen some ideas from my friends, my family, and the infamous Pinterest.

Mom and Dad’s Pumpkin-Goes-Turkey!

After you finish making your pumpkin seeds and pumpkin stew, some of you will still have pumpkin leftovers. Some people go stir crazy during Halloween and buy every pumpkin in site. If that’s you, that’s ok. I just want to offer some simple solutions on how to use your pumpkins AFTER the trick or treating has ended. I have ideas! My momma bought this super cute pumpkin-goes-turkey kit a few years ago on sale and I love it. I wish I had one just like it. This year, dad and mom had Emma one night and made this creation. It’s just the cutest thing and a great way to make your pumpkin last throughout Thankgiving, too. If you want one, here is one I found. It’s not as cute as my mom’s is, but I think it’s still cute and it’s cheap affordable!

Another idea it to take your pumpkin, cut it open (save the seeds!), and make a do-it-yourself flower pot for your mums. I’m a compulsive mum purchaser and every year I say never again. And then I buy one. I usually run out of pots during the summer and have to find something that works but no more! I can use my leftover pumpkins! You’re welcome. I know, I know. You can thank me by getting me the turkey pumpkin creation listed above.

Another idea that I absolutey adore are all the painted glass bottles. Seriously. We don’t drink a lot of things other than water but I have a new found love for the tea & lemonade Lipton drink and have several bottles saved up. JR also likes Dr. Enuf (YUCK!) so I am saving up those bottles, too. I can’t wait to make this creation! I’m going to write “Thanks” on mine and fill the bottles with the twigs from all over our back yard. They are spray painted and ready to put in these bottles when done. I will also leave this up year round. We’re slowly turning our home into a more rustic look and I think these will be perfect! Can you tell I’m excited about this? Because I am!

Emma’s Christmas Wreath Made by Yours Truly

I really like holiday wreaths. There are so many ideas on how to make them yourself! One of my favorites is taking a pool noodle that you find on end of summer clearance and using it. Who knew? I decided to do one last year for Christmas for Emma’s door to her room before I saw the pool noodle idea. I thought a whimsical look would be perfect and I love it! I was able to buy everything on after Christmas clearance and think it cost me around $10 to make. And I little bit of my sanity, too. I really like that it’s homemade because it makes it that much more special. I can’t wait to get it down this year and put it up! For those of you who don’t know me personally, that will be this weekend. Poor JR. I’m not sure he really loves Thanksgiving break because it’s not much of one at all.

These are just a few of the many ideas I have and I have found along the way. I hope you will follow me on Pinterest so I can share ideas with you and you can share ideas with me, too! Follow this link to follow me. If you don’t have a pinterest account and want one, send me an email and I’ll get you signed up- embracingeverything AT gmail DOT com.

Are there any Thanksgiving or other holiday decorations you’ve really liked that you’ve made or put together yourself?


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