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Holiday Cheer with an Over the Rainbowtique Deal! November 27, 2012

Bow Assortment:                Mickey & Friends, Angry Birds, & The Little Mermaid

It’s closing upon the holiday season and I’m excited to share with you all kinds of new products straight from Over the Rainbowtique! My friend, Noel, sent me several bows and I wanted to share them with you! All these bows make great gifts as well as accessories for your child. It matches up perfectly with the hairbow holder we featured a few weeks ago. This last shipment of bows may be my absolute favorite. They are just precious and so unique. I love that you cannot find these easily anywhere else, if even at all.  I hope you love them as much as I do and are able to get some great deals yourself as we continue on some Christmas specials from Noel as I do a review today at Embracing Everything Emma.

Our Little Angry Bird

Angry Birds! JR loves angry birds and has a shirt, too. While we were at the beach I found this shirt for Emma on clearance at Target for less than $2! I knew it would be so cute with JR’s and I asked Noel about making a bow to match it. The great thing about the bow is it doesn’t have to be an angry birds shirt; it can be any shirt that matches the colors in the bow.

It’s Mickey!

Mickey Mouse & Friends! As we prepare to go back to Disney, hopefully soon, we want to start preparing early with some bows from Over the Rainbowtique. Emma has a cute Mickey Mouse shirt for this upcoming summer and this bow will be perfect. Right now, she has a Minnie and friends shirt that looks great with it that Mimi and Papous got her while we were in Disney this last time.

Under the Sea…

The Little Mermaid! Ariel is my personal favorite, therefore, Emma has multiple outfits with her on it. It just made perfect sense to get a bow that was decked out in the Little Mermaid. When we go back to Disney, they will have Prince Eric’s castle finished and Emma will be able to meet Ariel face to face, with her bow.

It’s Christmas Time!

Christmas! It’s time for the holidays! We got her this awesome bow with gingerbread men on it. We bought Emma what seems like 40 Christmas style shirts last year and this bow looks great with all of them. There are little pink and red dots on the bow, too, so it doesn’t have to be green color shirts. Perfect!

Gobble Gobble!

Thanksgiving! Alright, so this holiday has come and gone but Noel made sure we got this bow in time for Thanksgiving this year. That meant so much to me! She messaged me every day until it showed up two days before Thanksgiving and she shipped it the weekend right before. Talk about just in time! This is something I love about Over the Rainbowtique. It’s a personal, small business that cares about the customer and makes the customer their priority. It makes me feel extra special!

The great thing, as always, about these bows is they are great quality. We have over twenty bows from Over the Rainbowtique and they all are wonderful, every single one of them. They are also able to be used long beyond age one or two or even three. They are able to be used over a long period of time, making them extra worth the money you spend on them. I hope you’ll check them out today! Noel has been kind enough to offer a promotion for  20% off in honor of the upcoming holidays when you use the code “bowsale20” at checkout. Be sure to place your order by Monday, December 10th, to get this deal! Go to Over the Rainbowtique and start shopping today!


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