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Fashion Friday: Shopping for Daily Deals November 30, 2012


It’s Fashion Friday! I am so excited to start this regular post on Fridays and hope you all are excited, too. I always want to incorporate fashion into this blog since it’s a big part of what inspired me to start it and this is a great way to make sure it happens each week. I’m sure you’re wondering what kind of fashion topics I will cover. Good question! The options are truly unlimited and I will cover any and all. So let’s get started:

I like to shop. It’s true. Sometimes it comes close to being an addiction. I try to go out once a week and shop for deals, mainly for Emma. It doesn’t mean I always find something but it does mean that I’m always looking. Every once in awhile I stumble upon something amazing and almost can’t believe it myself. It’s a sure fact that if I didn’t look as often as I did that Emma wouldn’t have as much as she has. There’s no way we could afford retail prices for all the clothes and accessories she has. Here are some tips I have for finding great deals on clothes and getting the most bang for your buck:

*Be fashionable. By saying this, I mean don’t just focus on typical baby fashion. By no means am I saying it’s wrong, but if you limit yourself to a onsie and cotton pants you will be sorely disappointed in the deals you find. There are only so many of these in the world. Be willing to broaden your horizons and picture what’s in, not only for kids but for adults, too. Chances are if it’s popular with adults, it will be with kids also.

*Be realistic. When you go to dress your toddler, please do not expect them to want or even be able to walk around in 2-3 inch heels. Don’t expect them to stay in something covered in sparkles that rub their waist or stomach every time they move. Being fashionable and uncomfortable do not have to go together, especially not for a small child. Don’t impose unrealistic expectations on your little one when it comes to what they wear.

*Be thrifty. There is no need to spend an arm and a leg to make your child a fashionista. No one ever said you had to break the bank to make it happen. The best tip is to buy stuff a little at a time until you have multiple outfits to choose from in the closet. You can mix and match based on what you have. Mixing and matching is my favorite! Take time to shop the clearance racks, local thrift stores, and yard sales. Also, keep in mind that your friends with kids may be more than willing to let you borrow their child’s clothes, purchase them, or even have them. It never hurts to ask what they’re doing with their child’s clothes once they’re done with them, whether permanently or for a season.

*Be patient. Please do not go out and think if you’re looking for a specific outfit and only have 10 minutes and $7.50 that you’re going to find it. You could but chances are that you will not. For Easter last year, we had a dress for Emma that we bought at Wee Cycle It and we needed a cover up for it. We hadn’t found anything that we loved quite enough to buy so we kept looking. Sure, it would have been easy to go out and buy something new for $10-$15 but I wasn’t going to take that bait. I wanted to find what I wanted and find it for a deal. We finally found the sweater we wanted in the bottom of a Goodwill bin for $1. I was tickled pink. Emma’s Easter outfit this past year, shoes and all, ran under $5. Score!


Here is my most recent favorite outfit for Emma. I’m in love! I found the ALL of it on clearance or on sale and didn’t pay full price for one article of clothing or accessory. Many of this outfit is winter based and but can be used some in the spring and summer months. It’s also not an outfit sold together meaning it’s ready to mix and match. Here is the breakdown:

Shirt: Old Navy clearance for $3.

Shorts: Old Navy  clearance for $4 (those are corduroy baby!)

Shoes: Target clearance for $4

Tights: Old Navy clearance for $3 (those are heavy tights- not thin ones)

Hair bow: Over the Rainbowtique sale for $2.80

Total cost: 16.80 spent/$32.70 saved

At 9 a.m. (EST) TODAY, I will begin having a poll on my facebook page and I want YOU to take part in it! I want to find out what interests you and what fashion topic you want to hear me talk about next Friday. Then poll will be open all day so don’t miss out!


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