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What I Miss About Being Pregnant December 3, 2012

Emma Grayce- 7 Months Pregnant

Emma Grayce- 7 Months Pregnant

Ahhh pregnancy. Some people love it and some people hate it. I’ll be honest with you- around 10 weeks I wasn’t sure what side of the tracks I would fall. I had some pretty nasty morning sickness that would come and go on a regular basis and I never knew when I was going to feel good and when I was going to be hanging my head out the window. At 19 weeks, I had my last run in with morning sickness and really fell in love with my pregnancy. Even during the morning sickness, I loved knowing that my little girl was living inside of me and that I had been blessed enough to be given the experience of being called “mom”. As many of you know, it took me some time getting pregnant and after fears of never being able to conceive, I think I was ready to embrace pregnancy even if I had been on the floor vomiting for all 40 weeks. It was worth it.

As much as I say I love pregnancy, I wanted to share with you some of my favorite things about being pregnant and what I miss about it, too. I know some women have rougher roads than I did with their pregnancies and sometimes it’s hard to find what to be thankful for, so I wanted to share some that I know I was grateful for and what others can cling to:

Emma Grayce- 20 Week Check Up- It's a Girl!

Emma Grayce- 20 Week Check Up- It’s a Girl!

I loved feeling Emma move. I missed that a whole lot those first few weeks after she was born. The first time she kicked I couldn’t believe that I felt it, so I didn’t. That was around 16 weeks. The next time I noticed it was a few days later so I was certain that feeling I felt before was the real deal. Until about 20 weeks, JR couldn’t feel it so it was like something special that only Emma and I shared with one another. I think it was a great bonding experience for the two of us to have on our own. I also liked to show it off to other people. If she was kicking and someone I knew was nearby, I made them feel my belly. Weird, maybe. But I loved it.

I loved watching her on the ultrasound. We had a difficult pregnancy at times so we got to see Emma A LOT. Granted, I wouldn’t want to go through that again, but I did love and enjoy seeing her on an almost weekly basis. Watching her move, seeing her kick and feeling it at the same time, there is nothing greater than that and left no doubt in my mind that God does exist.

The Beginning Transformation of Emma's Room

The Beginning Transformation of Emma’s Room

I loved preparing for Emma. I don’t miss that too terribly much because I’m still able to do a lot of it. Buying her clothes, decorating her room, picking her name, and more. It was all a great experience. I enjoyed every moment preparing for and expecting Emma’s birth and this was definitely one of my favorite parts. I was a big fan of nesting and practiced it almost daily. Enough so that I’m pretty sure my husband was about to lose his mind.

9 Months Pregant- Photo By Hurd Photography

9 Months Pregant- Photo By Hurd Photography

I loved getting the belly. After Emma was born, I would catch myself holding my non-pregnant belly as I had for so many months. I know this one here is sensitive for some women but I seriously loved it. Sporting the belly reminded me every day that I was pregnant. I’m not going to lie either, I think prego bellies are cute as a button and I thought mine was, too. It’s just about the only time you can grow and people will think you’re cute. Win!

I loved bonding with my husband. JR and I spent a lot of time together as we planned for Emma’s arrival, therefore, we got really close to one another. Not that we weren’t before, but there is something about having a baby that brings you together even more. I would imagine it’s because the rest of your life you will never be “just the two of you” ever again. During this time, my love for JR grew more and more and to this day, it continues to. JR prepared himself to be an amazing father and husband and has followed through with that goal. I am so glad that we spent time during my pregnancy growing with one another rather than growing apart.

JR & Me- 7 1/2 Months Pregnant

JR & Me- 7 1/2 Months Pregnant

These are a few of my favorite things about being pregnant. What are some of your favorite things?


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