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Fashion Friday- What to Wear During Your Postpartum Weeks December 14, 2012


In the weeks postpartum, you are going through a lot of changes. A new baby, a new sleeping schedule, a new routine, a new way of healing, and a new life all together. In the midst of all this, it’s a learning process to figure out what clothes to wear and how to adjust to new mommy hood. I remember I wore whatever I had. Seriously. There were days that same outfit ran a good 36 hours straight before a shower or change even happened. It was awhile before I wanted to wear anything fashionable. It was all about comfort for me. I wanted to share some tips with you on things I found best for those six to eight weeks postpartum and hope it helps you.

Motherhood Maternity Black Stretch Pants

Motherhood Maternity Black Stretch Pants

Wear loose fitting pants. I loved stretchy pants and wore them exclusively for about three weeks after I had Emma. I borrowed some dressy looking stretch pants from a friend that I wore during pregnancy that I was able to turn around and wear during my recovery period. After having a c-section, you don’t really want anything touching your stomach and these did the trick. I washed and wore these a lot more during my postpartum period than I ever did during my pregnancy. They were a lifesaver.

Nursing Tank from Undercover Mama

Nursing Tank from Undercover Mama

If you nurse, find shirts that work for this. I had several shirts that I tried to wear during those first few weeks that were a disaster. I felt like I had to expose every part of myself just to feed my daughter. I was a lot more comfortable in v-neck style shirts that could be moved aside when needed. I had a lot of friends who recommended nursing tanks to wear under any shirt, that way you were still covered up no matter what shirt you wear. This makes it a lot more possible to wear whatever outfit you like. For those first few weeks postpartum, I say make it as easy as possible so I wore the v-neck shirts since those were easiest for me.

Loose Fitting Dress from Etsy

Loose Fitting Dress from Etsy

Wear dresses and skirts. When I left the hospital, I was planning on having a vaginal birth so I never even thought about “what if” I had a c-section. It never even crossed my mind. Luckily, I packed a sundress to wear home from the hospital, which made things a lot easier. I never had anything directly touch my belly. This was a lot easier to wear those first few days home from the hospital when my recovery was first taking place. I think it would also be good for those who had a vaginal birth. Anything loose and comfortable is a win for me.

Wear comfortable shoes. It’s a new world carrying a baby around and something that may not be “normal” for you. I decided that wearing comfortable shoes were more important than three or four inch heels that I tripped all over and then threw my baby who knows where. That scared me to death. I removed heels from my wardrobe for a few weeks postpartum until I got the hang of all that came with mommy hood. I know how clumsy I am and wanted to keep my baby safe rather than look good.

Wear good undergarments. If you’re going to be nursing, find some nursing bras that you really like. I bought some padded ones that I absolutely hated and then some loose fitting ones with no padding at all and LOVED them. In fact, I still have trouble being comfortable in anything padded. I guess it’s what comes along with nursing. As far as panties, I had a firm belief in the bigger the better after my c-section. For several weeks, I was all about the huge granny panties and have no shame in saying so. That incision rubbed on anything and everything and for reason, the bigger style panties just felt better. There you go, my confession for the day.

These are the things I did to get more comfortable during my weeks postpartum and what worked for me. What worked for you?

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