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What NOT to Share December 17, 2012

Christmas is a time for sharing. Truthfully, we should always share but at Christmas time, it’s amplified. We need to share our love with others as well as kindness and if we have extra resources we should share those, too. Our kids need to learn to share their own belongings as well as how to give up so others can have. Give, give, give. There’s a lot of good things about giving but there are also a few bad ways to give and I want to focus on one in particular today: SICKNESS. Yes, Christmas is the time for giving all things including things like the flu, a cold, strep throat, and more. We are currently on high flu alert at the Linkous house. I wanted to share two things with you today: don’t share sickness and how to keep yourself from it. Here we go…


Be sure to take vitamin C. This should be common sense but we often times forget that we need to be proactive before illnesses even show up. You can find high amounts of vitamin c in food like: oranges, strawberries, kiwis, papayas, guavas, broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, bell peppers, kale, mustard greens, and spinach. One of the most popular sources of vitamin C and the one with more than any other food is hot peppers, both red and green. Be sure to spice up your soups and sauces this winter to get the most vitamin C possible! Also, keep in mind to not overdo it. Vitamin C is good in moderation but can kill you if you have too much.

Kefir Grains

Kefir Grains

Kefir Smoothie

Kefir Smoothie

Find ways for your baby and/or toddler to take vitamin C, too. Just because they’re little and you contain them from the dangers of this world doesn’t mean they can’t get sick. We try to incorporate the foods above into Emma’s meals but it depends on what’s in season and what she’ll eat. We have started giving her Hylands vitamin C tablets for babies. They dissolve in her mouth and are completely natural. She’s not crazy about the “dissolving in her mouth” part but that’s ok. Hopefully she’ll get use to it soon. Another thing we do is make kefir smoothies. I started that back up this week and am including her now. One of her all time favorite flavors is pumpkin so I mixed up some vanilla yogurt, pumpkin puree, and pumpkin pie spice until I found a consistency and flavor that I liked. I made my base and stored it in the fridge. The next thing I do is when Emma is ready to eat, I fill 2/3 of the cup with the base, 1/3 with kefir, mix it, and voila! There’s her kefir smoothie. You can add more kefir but it gets a little sour for me. Read this post here on kefir and here on how to use it. Even though it’s for your stomach most flu and stomach bug viruses begin in your stomach and this helps end the issue before it begins. True fact.


Be wise with who you hang out with during this season. If you know someone has been sick, just stay away. It doesn’t matter if you THINK it’s not contagious because just as soon as you do, you’ll find out it’s is. There will be certain situations you just can’t help but to be in, however, there are many that you can avoid. If you go to a kids party and find a sick kid there, just leave. I know it might offend someone but seriously- it offends me that the parent brought their sick child. The same would be true of you and yours- don’t show up somewhere sick. If you’re sick or your child is, I repeat, DO NOT go places. Stay at home and rest. It’s good for healing as well as keeping others from getting your not-so-wonderful gift.

Handwash Chart from My Personal Hygiene

Handwashing Chart from      My Personal Hygiene

Wash your hands often. Every doorknob you touch carries bacteria. Someone before you has used every pen you use, and chances are that one of those people was sick. Every time you bite your nails you’re even chancing getting some nasty, dirty disease. Make sure you wash your hands and wash them regularly, including the hands of your little ones. I carry hand sanitizer for when we’re not near a bathroom. Also, don’t overdo the sanitizer. At some point, your body becomes immune to it and fights it off like a bacteria.Now is not the time.

So, there are a few tips from me. Keep safe this season and if you get any illnesses, I would encourage you to find natural remedies to help before going straight to other things. They work! I understand that sometimes you need antibiotics (and I do, too), so be sure to make some kefir smoothies when you do. It will help your stomach and your stomach will thank you.

What are some ways you fight sickness this time of year?


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