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Christmas Fashion December 19, 2012


Christmas is a time of year when fashion it at it’s prime. You can wear pajamas or an evening dress to celebrate. It’s a mixture of so many different fashion levels that I just absolutely love it. From Christmas parties to Christmas morning to family gatherings and more, I wanted to share with you some tips on how to dress for your Christmas functions.

Less is more. Keep in mind that it’s almost always better to be underdressed than overdressed. I would much rather wear dress slacks with everyone else wearing dresses than an evening gown while everyone else is wearing jeans. If you’re unsure what the attire is and there’s no one to ask, always dress down rather than up.


Focus on Christmas colors. You don’t have to have a shirt with Santa or Rudolph all over it. Don’t focus on having to go out and buy something- use what you have. If you have a red or green shirt, wear it. If you don’t, use a white or black shirt and accent with red or green colored jewelry, hairclips, eye make up, and more. There are so many options on how to dress for Christmas using what you have rather than going out and buying something new. I also love to use silver and gold to accent my Christmas attire. Nothing looks better than shiny colors during the holidays.


If you are privileged enough to attend a tacky Christmas sweater party, go with caution. DO NOT ask your mom to borrow her favorite sweater for this party. I would recommend going through her old clothes that she keeps in the attic or ask another person you know who may have a sweater and wouldn’t be offended by your using it for tacky purposes. Another good place to shop is thrift stores. They always have good stuff, but they always have tacky stuff, too. Search around and you’ll probably score a sweater vest covered with bells and tinsel for $1.


Christmas doesn’t always mean trees and candy canes. Try to use jewelry and accessories that have other symbols that can be used for Christmas but other holidays as well. They’re normally cheaper since they’re not for a specific holiday. A favorite of mine is stars and then there are also crosses- after all, Jesus came down at Christmas time. Sequins always add a splash of fun to any Christmas accessory so be sure to use it, too.

For your kids, be creative. If you shop in advance you’re off to a good start. Something we did for Emma this year was buy her several tutus on clearance that she can wear year round but when paired with the right outfit, they’re perfect for Christmas! We found some other shirts that look very wintery but aren’t Christmas specific so she can wear them after Christmas has ended. If you haven’t yet, consider making your own tutu. They’re a little time consuming but very easy to do and cost efficient. If you use tulle, it will go a long way. I found 3 feet for less than $3 and still have over half of it left to use for another tutu. I also bought some blue tulle for my brother’s wedding that I’m going to use with a sparkly tulle to make an ice princess tutu. I can’t wait!

Here are my tips for Christmas fashion. Remember than you don’t always have to go out and buy. Be creative, use what you have, and most of all, have fun!

Any tips you have for Christmas fashion this year?


2 Responses to “Christmas Fashion”

  1. I’m not sure if I should be offended or not. LOL I like Christmas sweaters. LOL

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