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Let Sleeping Dogs Lie December 21, 2012

Emma loves to sleep once she finally gets there. Getting there is over half the battle at the Linkous house. She’s always so worried she’ll miss something. I tell her over and over that I will wake her- I even promise it. I don’t think she believes me but oh well. I can only do what I can do. What I can do is work on her nighttime sleepwear and share with you some tips on what works and what doesn’t (at least at the Linkous house). I hope this helps you out as you find out what works for you and yours.



As an infant, my favorite sleep attire for Emma was the footed pajamas that buttoned all the way up. They covered her from head to toe and also unsnapped so we could change her diapers without undressing her. If they were fleece, they sealed the deal. We had fleece footed and button up all the way pajamas growing out of our ears. I couldn’t get enough of them. They were perfect until Emma hit about 11-12 months old. Once she started walking around, they became a hazard. It didn’t matter if they had rubber on the bottom or “traction pads”. If she slid once, she slid another twenty times. We’re just now starting to give them a shot again. My thoughts as of now is they’re perfect all the way up to crawlers and then aren’t good again until your child walks well enough not to slid all over the place.


As an infant, Emma also loved to be swaddled so we purchased every Halo sleep sack we could find on sale. She loved these. We kept her in them up until she was about 4-5 months old and kept her in swaddle blankets until she was about 6-7 months old. Our favorite swaddle blankets are the Aden & Anais brand. They are PERFECT for swaddling. They are perfect for blankets in general. We still keep one in Emma’s diaper bag for when we need a comfy blanket and we’re out and about. If your child likes to be swaddled, these two things are a must. Also, don’t try to figure out on your own when you’re child is done being swaddled. Emma told us when she was done and we rolled with it. Up until then, we just swaddled away.


As a toddler, we’ve grown to love the two-piece sets. Emma really likes to play in the mornings sans pants and we can compromise. She keeps the shirt on but we take the pants off. She also sweats a lot during the night so the two-piece sets are a little bit thinner and more breathable. Another pro? They can easily be considered a day time outfit so they can be worn then, too, and not just at night. That’s a big winner there. We have a few pieces that are fleece bottoms that we wear on extra cold nights. They’re so stinkin’ cute. They also double as long underwear when it’s real cold outside. I love things that have multiple purposes.

As a toddler, we’ve also starting keeping clothes that can double as a back up outfit OR pajamas in her diaper bag. From time to time, we’re out later than planned or we forget to pack her pjs, so having these around help out a lot. It’s good to know that she has bedtime clothes with her and doesn’t have to sleep in jeans. Seriously, who is comfortable sleeping in jeans? No one. Unless they’re pajama jeans. I’ve heard they’re comfortable sleep pants which leads me to believe they’re NOT meant to wear out and about. Sorry.


As a toddler, we have removed socks from the bedtime line up. Emma will wear socks but only if shoes are tied on tightly and there’s no way to remove them. They offer too much entertainment for her and end up just being a waste of time. If we’re going out and she’s in her pajamas, we’ll keep them on but by the time we arrive at our location, they’re off. It’s like magic.

Another thing we’ve done throughout the past 16 months is find bedtime attire that is seasonal. Right now, we’re wearing a lot of Christmas trees, Santa Clauses, and snowflakes. In a few months, we’ll be sticking with snowflakes but adding in some hearts and four leaf clovers. We get all these things 1-2 years in advance so we NEVER, EVER pay full price. EVER. It’s cool to be seasonal. It’s not cool to pay $10 on each outfit to be seasonal.

These are how we do night time at the Linkous house and what works for us.

What works for you? Any additional tips?

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One Response to “Let Sleeping Dogs Lie”

  1. I can’t EVER get Annie to wear socks to bed. But, I can’t sleep without socks. LOL

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