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Making a Play Kitchen- Part 1 December 27, 2012

For Emma’s Christmas this year, I knew early on that I wanted to make her very own kitchen set. Emma has been interested in cooking for quite some while now and often times plays with MY kitchen stuff. Unfortunately, there are times that I need my own kitchen items which poses a bit of a problem. We can’t both have them at the same time and someone ends up getting pretty emotional about it (guess who???). I began researching and believe you me, it’s A LOT of work. Seriously, I was amazed at how much time would be put into this puppy so I began planning early and so the project began in July. Let’s start there and I’ll take you all the way up until yesterday, Christmas morning. Enjoy the ride!

Before picture- without drawers

Before picture- without drawers

I saw this tutorial for a homemade kid’s kitchen set and once I saw the old tv stand, I knew what I wanted to use. When Erick was around 5 years old, he got his own “big boy” bedroom set and it came with a dresser that looked a lot like an entertainment center. Erick is now 23 years old, so needless to say, he hasn’t used this in about 13+ years. It has lived in mom and dad’s garage as storage until now. I asked mom and dad what their plans were for it. They saw right through my attempt at small talk and I went on to explain the idea I had for Emma and showed them pictures. Mom had a hard time envisioning it, but dad jumped all over it. I guess it’s the engineer in him. He told me once I had everything together, he’d get it to me and we’d get started.

Before picture- drawers (3 identical)

Before picture- drawers            (3 identical)

I spent a lot of time researching ideas on Ikea because #1- their items are cheap and #2- the have just about everything. Once I picked out everything I would want or need, we planned a trip down to Charlotte with some of our great friends, Farris and Jordan. It was so much fun and we ended up getting a few of their kid’s kitchen toys. Let me tell me- that stuff ROCKS. It is seriously amazing and some of the best quality of toys I’ve ever seen. No joke! That next to our awesome wooden cutting board and fruit/veggie set by Melissa and Doug. Mimi and Pappous got this for Emma. Seriously, Melissa and Doug products rock, too. After we bought these things, there were only a few more things left to do.

Long Door Knobs

Long Door Knobs

Round knobs

Round knobs


On our family beach trip to Savannah in July, we went by Hobby Lobby where I scored some very cute and solid counter knobs. I bought more than I needed but that was ok. It was all 50% off so I couldn’t complain. I also found  a precious kitchen sign for 50% off, too. Win! I knew that since Emma’s room was safari style that these handles needed to fit that look and they did.

The last things we got was the paint from Home Depot. I kept an eye out on the “oops” section and found a blueish green color that I loved for $2. Can’t beat that! We already had white paint at the house so we were set. Onto the physical part of the renovation…

I began by sanding down the entire set. This took a lot of time. We had moved the dresser to our downstairs bedroom which was my large craft room for over two months. My friend, Ashlyn, came to help me which was such a time saver. We sanded away. And then sanded some more. Anything particle board is a pain especially when it comes to sanding. By the time we were done, we were ready to call it a night but went ahead and removed all the drawers and counters. There was one piece that dad had to get but I felt like we did pretty good for our first time!

Finally painted...and now drying

Finally painted…and now drying

Paint drying

Paint drying


After everything was sanded, we began painting. The first coat went on GREAT and we thought we were lucky dogs who would get by with just one coat and boy were we wrong. That sucker took 3-4 coats and still needed touch ups in certain areas. By the time we were done, I vowed to never do it again. Ha! By the end of the day it was worth it. The only thing I would do differently was let my dad cut, saw, and more BEFORE the painting took place. A lot of touch of work came after he finished. I was so glad to have Ashlyn’s help again along with her sister, Amy. It went by really quick and before we knew it, the paint job was done and all that was left was a few projects that my dad did.

Join me tomorrow for Part 2 of making a play kitchen! See you there!


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