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My Mommy Purse January 8, 2013

Mommy Purse from "Just Like Peanut Butter"

Mommy Purse from             “Just Like Peanut Butter”

Alright guys, let’s just be honest. When you have a baby things change. You start to think mascara is a luxury and a 15 minute shower or bath is something of the past. Along with that usually goes the purse. You know what I’m talking about here. The purses that was full of everything that belongs to ME. It’s now full of that…and more. You have to think about your little one and the things THEY want in your purse. I thought today I’d share with you some of the things I carry in my purse. Things for Emma. For me. And some for JR, too. Because mommies rock like that!

Emma's favorite snack- Grammy Sammy's

Emma’s favorite snack- Grammy Sammy’s

Snacks. Everybody in the Linkous house MUST have snacks, especially when we’re going further than Bristol. I always carry protein bars for me and JR along with something small for Emma. This can be ginger snaps (her favorite), goldfish, or yogurt pouches. It depends on the day which I bring but there’s always food. Always. I’ve learned quickly that if I don’t have food on a run to Target I end up buying Grammy Sammy’s for Emma every time. This would also include water. We take water wherever we go.

Mommy Emergency Kit from www.mommytester.com

Mommy Emergency Kit from http://www.mommytester.com

Medical/Emergency Kit. My kit currently consists of:

Essential oils: peppermint oil for headaches and eucalyptus oil for bug bites, burns, and mental stimulation.

Medicine: natural glucose tablets for dropped sugar; Tylenol for migraines; prescription meds: my inhaler (asthma) and my epipen (asthma and bee allergy); eye drops for eye irritants; bandaids for boo-boos

Sanitary items: sanitizer and wipes for our hands and the dirty things we must touch; tissues for runny noses and back up toilet paper as well as toilet covers

Other: chapstick & sunscreen for days outside; nail clippers for hang nails; stain stick, because I hate stains; breast pads for my leaky days (yes, 3 months later I STILL have leaky days)


Toys. Toys can consist of just about anything and everything. For Emma, keys are a BIG thing. Another big thing is anything that makes additional noise. This can be an empty pill bottle fulls of coins that rattle to an tub of chapstick (unopened). Emma’s favorite toy is her Little People so I try to keep a few of those in my purse now. We also carry an extra paby or two. Paby is Emma’s pacifier. We call it a paby. Some call it a binky. Ours is paby.

Emma's hat from Old Navy (clearance, of course!)

Emma’s hat                 from Old Navy (clearance, of course!)

Warming Items. This could also be cooling items in the warmer months. This would include hats, gloves, scarves, and more. For Emma, hats are about the only thing other than coats that we can put on her. For me, I’m all about the gloves.


Last Minute Items. At the last minute when having to decide between my purse and the diaper bag, I will pick my purse if we’re going somewhere I need more than one thing from it. In this case, I will grab a few essential things like diapers and wipes. Since everything else is in the purse, I’m good to go. And also, I grab at least TWO diapers. It’s always the safe choice.

My favorite lip gloss- Bare Minerals Brand

My favorite lip gloss-            Bare Minerals Brand

Mommy Items. There are things that I want as a mommy in my purse. For me, these things are lip gloss and sunglasses. There are other things I like to have, but these are the things I really want to have. Make sense? It does to me. I’m sure there are things that you, too, have to have in your bag to feel more “womanly”.

My Mommy Purse

My Mommy Purse

These are the items that I carry with me. What items do you carry with you?


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