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Emma’s Top Christmas Gifts January 9, 2013

This year at the Linkous house, Christmas rocked. It was the best Christmas yet. For those of you who didn’t know, we worked on making Emma a play kitchen and it was amazing, even if I say so myself. If you missed it, you can catch up on Part 1 and Part 2.

Today I wanted to share with you some of the things that Emma got for Christmas this year and what her favorites were. She loved all her gifts, but some shined brighter than others. I hope this helps you out as you plan for holidays for the toddlers in your life, too. It was fun for us!

Top 5 Christmas Gifts for Emma~ 2012

Paging Doctor Emma!

Paging Doctor Emma!

#5- Dr. Kit- Emma loves her doctor kit. Seriously. She is all about the pretend medicine bottles and pretending to check our heart rate. It’s hilarious to watch. We were able to get it at Wee Cycle it for about $2 which was a deal. Sure, it’s not in top shape but it wouldn’t be in two weeks if we had bought it new. And to Emma, it’s new to her and she loves it. What a win!

Putting them in order ended the first night...

Putting them in order ended the first night…

#4- Magnetic letters and numbers.  I got a set at Target for $1 and it has proven to be at the top of Emma’s list. She loves to move them and touch them. She also is a big fan of pulling her arm down the side of the fridge and letting all the magnets come off with it. To her, it’s a stress reliever I’m sure. It would be to me, too. Maybe I should start trying it?

Don't Look at the Light!

Don’t Look at the Light!

#3- Flashlight. It’s crazy, but she fell in love with this little flashlight she got from her cousin Will. She will let it spin and stare at it for what seems like hours. It’s really entertaining, even for me. Who knew you could have so much fun with something so simple? Emma knew. And she’s loving every second of it.

Under the Sea...of Little People

Under the Sea…             of Little People

#2- Little People- Emma got so many Little People that it’s a little ridiculous. She got the Disney Princess Castle, the Nativity Set, the Farm Set, the Airplane, the Christmas town set, and the Alphabet Block Set. She loves each and everyone of them. She has always been a fan of little people and now our den is consumed with them. I had a bag for travel that I ended up pulling out and using for her Little People storage. It looks so much people than just leaving it out and about.

Emma's Homemade Kitchen

Emma’s Homemade Kitchen

#1- Kitchen Set & Accessories. Ok, I know I say this is her favorite. I’m the one who made it, too (along with my dad) but I promise I’m not biased. She really does love it and all the parts that come with it. From the sink to the stove eyes to the pots to the utensils, she just loves all the things that she can play with in this set. It really has been a lot of fun to watch her play with and I hope she loves the kitchen later in life due to all the fun she’ll have on this set.

These are at the top of Emma’s list this Christmas. I’m sure by next Christmas she will be ready for a new top list but for now, these do great and really keep her focus and attention. I’m thankful for all things big and small and her interest in everything. She truly embraces it all and loves life to the fullest.

What was your child’s favorite Christmas gift?


2 Responses to “Emma’s Top Christmas Gifts”

  1. I think Annie’s favorite was her art kit from Barry’s Uncle Wayne. 🙂

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