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Hair Comes Trouble January 11, 2013


When I had a precious little girl, I knew many fun days were ahead of us. A lot of shopping. A lot of clothes. A lot of dress up. A lot of HAIR. Yes, hair. When Emma was born she had a head full of dark hair. As she aged, it just grew. Sure, it spread out evenly over her head and for a month or two made it appear she had less but then it returned with a vengeance. JR’s hair grows quick, too, and I have to imagine where we’ll be in just a few short months. Yes, we’ll surely have Rapunzel in our house. Until we learn how to handle that issue, we have worked on how to get use to having hair and some of the problems that come with that. I hope this will help you as you and I both learn how to tame the trouble that is hair.


When Emma was itty bitty and still not too talented at hand-eye coordination, she wore a lot of hair bands and hair clips. After all, there was nothing she could do about it. Once I got them there, they were there for good. I knew if I did it enough it would just become second nature for her and sure enough it did. The only downside is that Emma soon became able to reach her head and she became curious about what was going on her head. There is rarely a day that we put a hairclip in that it doesn’t come out at least 5 times before the end of the day or before I just give up. She doesn’t seem to mind them being there, she’s just interested in what’s in her hair and why. We’re working this one day at a time along with her winter hats. Oh, the hats. They create the same curiosity and are only worn diligently when in cold weather. At least she wears them then, right?


As far as hair bows, that’s a whole other story. We have some clear, tiny bows for Emma’s hair that allow me to put her hair in one bow on top of her head and two pigtails. I love it and think it makes her look more like a toddler than a baby. It’s quite possibly my favorite look for her. Unfortunately, it’s Emma’s least favorite. She HATES when I even touch her hair in a way that may remind her of me pulling it up. She begins to squirm, fuss, and I have about 2.3 seconds to get her hair up before World War 3 breaks loose at the Linkous house. Here lately, my routine has been to give her the pack that holds the bows, give her the hairbrush, and watch/sing “Little Einstein’s” simultaneously. This gives me what seems to be an additional 10.2 seconds. Every bit helps. I was told by a dear friend that if I keep doing this, it will work and Emma will get use to it. After two failed attempts, I always stop. I figure there’s always tomorrow. Once they’re in, she is good to go. Putting them there is a whole other story.


Emma seems to have naturally curly hair and it’s a beast to tame. Anytime she naps or sleeps and sweat is even slightly involved, her hair turns into a frizzy mess. Depending on the weather, it can be even worse. For us, we’ve found that we brush her hair every morning despite if it has tangles or not. If we run a wet brush through her hair, it fixes most, if not all, frizzy problems that occur. If we’re at home for the day, then we skip a bath the night before and do it in the morning for a double win. Along with brushing it, we try to wash it every other day. If we go any longer, it just becomes too wild for us to handle. It doesn’t get greasy, just unmanageable and let’s be honest- it looks rough.


Along with some of the downsides, the truth is that Emma has AWESOME hair. I’m incredibly jealous of it. I always wanted curly hair and prayed for a child with curly hair. I hope she doesn’t hate me one day for it. I know there are down sides to curly hair for those people with it, but to me, it’s absolutely gorgeous and something I’ve always wanted. Having straight hair has been a challenge to say the least and I wanted the opposite for Emma. We got it!

Here are some issues we’ve had with Emma’s hair as well as some perks. As time goes, we will learn more and more. And prayerfully she or someone else, other than an approved hair dresser, will not cut her hair- EVER. Fingers crossed on that one…

What have you found is the best way to deal with your child’s hair?


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