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Things We Don’t Really Need January 17, 2013


There are things in life that over the years we’ve learned we don’t need. It’s wild to me to think about the things that were staple parts of our lives ten years ago that now don’t make a hill of beans. I guess a part of it is growing up and determining “who” we are. JR and I are slowly determining who we are and I wanted to share with you what we’ve found that we don’t really need.

Appliances. There are certain appliances that we’ve realized don’t really matter so much any more. In May of 2011 our dishwasher went out on us. It was devastating for the first few weeks until I realized how much easier life has been without it. We’ve been dishwasher free for almost two years now and I’ve come to realize I actually ENJOY washing dishes. Who knew! When we go on vacation we’ve forgotten many a times that we have the ability to use a dishwasher. It’s wild the change that happens. Now, this isn’t to say that we’re not getting it fixed. We determined the other day that we need to look into repairing it. It doesn’t mean that we’re rushing on it (obviously) or that we’ll even use it, but it’s good to have working appliances in your house if they’re going to be there. As far as other appliances- we’ve slowly stopped using our microwave as much (I’m still working on this one), we have ditched the Panini-style grills and toasters (although we still have them), and are always looking for more things to part ways with daily. One thing I will never part ways with it my mixer. Don’t even go there.

Foods. As many of you know, we are removing several foods from our daily life. I won’t go too much into detail here since I talked about it a few weeks ago here. We are trying to get rid of GMOs as well as focusing on more organic and natural foods. We also ditched soft drinks awhile back. I can’t tell you how much better I’ve felt since I’ve cut soft drinks from my diet. I never realized how much truth there was to things people would say about not liking the taste of soft drinks when you haven’t had them. I haven’t craved soft drinks in YEARS now. I seriously only crave water. And coffee. That’s it.

Harsh chemicals. Don’t get me started on all the nasty processed mess that goes into our shampoos, soaps, detergents, and more. My brother did a project during his senior year of college on all the chemicals that go into our dish soap and found that the Palmolive baby soap, yes BABY SOAP, is just as bad for you as Dawn, regular Palmolive and more. We are moving towards more organic and natural items here, too, that are moving away from parabens and other cancer causing agents. We’ve found that Vitacost is a great resource for this. They have so many different options and a lot of great prices to match.

Stuff. We have so much STUFF. In other words, we have so much JUNK. I went through our house the other day cleaning stuff out and realized that even though I’m in no definition a pack rat, I have more stuff than I should have. Emma has more stuff than she should have. We’re working on getting rid of all of our “stuff” one step at a time. We need to focus more on having the things we really need and not the junk and stuff that just takes up space.

Money. Now don’t get me wrong. Money is important in life when it comes to paying your bills, owning a house, getting from point a to point b, and more. I’m not saying that money doesn’t help but what I am saying is that we don’t need to make money our priority. If money becomes more than my relationship with God, my husband, or my child, then I have missed my purpose in life. Money helps but it’s not what matters.

Here are the things we’ve found that we don’t really need. What have you found that YOU don’t really need?


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