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Spring to It- Fashion Friday Series January 18, 2013


It’s Fashion Friday! I’m sure you all are thinking I’ve lost my mind. Seriously, what am I thinking writing about spring in the midst of winter? Maybe it’s the crazy warm weather we’ve had the past few weeks. Or all the rain. Either way, we’re springing to it today. Come join me as we work on how we’re going to get Emma ready for spring without breaking the bank.

Spring is an odd season. Sometimes it hits in March. Sometimes it hits in May. You have to be ready at the drop of a hat to put the sweaters away and pull out the shorts. At our house, we’re working on ways to create outfits for Emma that don’t cost us a dime. Outfits that we can wear during all seasons by taking something away here or adding something there. These have been some of my favorite ideas and purchases we’ve made for this spring:


Tunics. They rock. They make my day. I found this super cute at Old Navy this past fall on clearance for less than $4. The great thing about it is we can stick it with any kind of bottoms. Jeans, leggings, baby legs, tights, panty hose, capris, and more. I want to get more tunics now. We’ve taken several larger sized shirts we have this winter and put them with light leggings or thin tights on warmer days. I’m telling you, they rock. It makes Emma look like such a little fashion diva and I’m all over that. Tunics all the way!


Shorts. Now, I’m not talking about faded jeans shorts that are frayed on the sides. Those have summer and nineties  written all over it. What I’m talking about is shorts that can be spread out through the seasons. We found these cute corduroy shorts at Old Navy (are you seeing a trend?) for less than $3 a couple months back. I went nuts and danced in the aisle. I had an outfit and everything ready to go with it at church the next day. The great thing is you can wear just about anything under them and any type of shirt with them to balance out the weather. Buy shorts now!


Jackets. As you know from my previous post, I love a good jacket. Emma has about 20 jackets it seems and they’re for all different types of weather. She has sweaters, light jackets, puffy jackets, vests, tweed jackets, and more. There is no end to the types of covers we have for Emma to wear and they help take care of any and all seasons. Try to have a variety of jackets depending on what the weather is like outside and you’ll be set.


Shoes. We have shoes for Emma that are convertible. We have a couple pairs that you can wear with our without socks depending on how hot or cold it is outside. These shoes can make an outside appropriate for the dead of winter or the heat of summer. We try to make at least a couple pairs of shoes doable for several types of weather. If all we have are boots (which I love), then we’re in trouble when it’s seventy degrees in January. I mean really? Seventy degrees in January. I still can’t believe it.


Layering shirts. Not just any shirts will do. We like to get shirts that are loose enough to stick a long sleeve shirt underneath if needed. We like to have long sleeve shirts that are good enough to wear alone and stay cool. We like to stack our clothes on top of each other and it makes a huge difference in having to buy more clothes or use what you have. I’m all about saving a dollar here and there when it’s not necessary to spend it. That just means more money for vitacost! Just kidding. Kind of.

Here’s what we’re doing to save our dollars this spring. I hope it encourages you as you figure out what you’re going to use in the upcoming months and how to cut costs.

How are you cutting costs on spring attire?


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