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Leaving Baby Behind January 21, 2013

This past week, JR and I had to go out of town for work. We were really excited for an opportunity to just get away. It’s crazy because I normally don’t want to leave Emma so I don’t do well with it. This time, I was anticipating leaving and spending the time we would have together, however, it all came crashing to a halt at 10am on Monday morning. It suddenly hit me that I’m leaving my little girl for four days. Four days. Four. Days. No matter how you say it, I’m leaving my little girl. Needless to say, I still got in the car and went. And needless to say, I missed Emma BUT I deeply enjoyed the one on one time with my husband, even if it was in a work atmosphere. I think what helped more than anything else was preparing. Here is how we did it and how we planned for it:


*We left Emma with someone who knows her routine, her personality, and her life. This is crucial for us. We were already in a tizzy about leaving Emma behind so leaving her with someone who doesn’t know her makes it even more nerve wracking. Let’s be honest. It’s not easy to leave our kids. Leaving them in capable hands  makes it much easier to walk away knowing everything is going to be ok.


*We stuffed Emma full of vitamin c and probiotics. We are BIG fans of kefir smoothies around here and Emma usually eats at least one a day. She really enjoys it when we add pumpkin to the mix but I think we’ll try strawberries next time just to get crazy. We are also using some natural vitamin C from Hylands. We have been impressed so far with these forms of home health. Emma hasn’t had a cough or runny nose in ages and I think this has a lot to do with it!


*We prayed for Emma. Nothing is more crucial than the power of prayer. God is ultimately in charge no matter what and we have to trust that He is in control. Praying to Him and keeping those lines of communication open are a big deal! I know and believe that my God is more powerful than anything I can do so I have to trust that HE has Emma’s best interest at heart, even more than I do. Wow. That’s tough. I can’t say that I succeed at this every day. It’s a learning process for me and although I don’t always do it (because I am an imperfect human being) I really do know and believe it and am working to make this a part of my daily life more and more.


*We made ourselves available. We make it clear than whenever we leave Emma, no matter what time of day, we are available. We will answer any call, any text, any email, any Facebook notification, and more at a moment’s notice. We want to be available parents at all times, even when we’re miles away. We want to be there whether it’s a simple question about her favorite snack or she has a temperature of 103. Either way, we’re available.

Saying all of this, it doesn’t mean that everything will always be perfect. Emma will still get sick. Emma will still get hurt. We will still be homesick. We will still be ready to come home. All of these steps just continue to make it easier for us to go when the time comes.

What is your advice for leaving your children behind?


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