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The Meaning of Mom January 24, 2013

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Today I want to take time to honor my amazing mother. She is the role model for me on how to be everything I can be to Emma. In my opinion, she’s the best mom out there and if I can be at least half of the mom she was to me, I know Emma will be blessed! I want to take today to talk about what it is to be “mom”. It’s not about perfection and not making mistakes, it’s about this-

*Unconditional love-First and foremost, I have to show my daughter that my love for her will never change. My mom was great at this. There were a lot of times that I’m sure I didn’t deserve it. I’m not sure I’ve ever or ever will earn it. Despite all this, my mom loved me regardless.

*Forgiveness- This is a big one. Letting go of the past and moving towards the future is one that we all need, even if we don’t deserve it. My mom has always set the example of forgiving me, even when I don’t always ask for it, and I’m so glad she has. Her example has made it easier to comprehend the forgiveness Christ offers me on a daily basis (lets be honest- more than that!). I pray forgiveness is practiced regularly by me towards Emma.

*Comfort- Whenever I get sick, do you know who still brings me food? My momma. She has always been the person I want when I’m sick and after nine and half months of standing strong and saying I could have Emma without her, I realized how much I needed her there (long story short- when you have a c section, only one person could come, so I did do it without my momma- even though it wasn’t what I wanted). My mom has always comforted me in a way that no one else can and I want to offer that comfort for Emma.I want to be the one she wants in her time of need.

*Providing for needs- This isn’t the same things as wants. My mom was very clear with us the difference between our needs and wants. She took care of our basic needs and always put ours before her own. I can remember numerous times that my mom would rush around to get our dinner together, healthy nonetheless, and grab whatever she could for herself. My momma is good like that and I’ve definitely learned that it’s something that seems to come naturally as a mom. You put your child’s needs way before your own.


*Meeting some wants (without going to extremes)- There were wants that Erick and I had that we didn’t get. That’s just life and my parents were both great at teaching us that sometimes, we have to wait for what we want. And sometimes, we never get what we want. For Christmas one year, when we didn’t have a whole lot of money, I had my eyes on a pair of genuine leather Steve Madden shoes. I loved them. I watched them for months in the store and knew it was a long stretch to get them. I don’t even remember asking for them to be honest with you. But somehow on Christmas morning, there they were. My momma had saved her money and went out and bought them for me. I worn them for ten years until last year one of the straps broke. I haven’t been able to find someone to repair it but I don’t plan on throwing them away. Ever. Sure, I love the shoes. But I love the memory even more. By the way, if anyone knows a GOOD local shoe repair place, let me know!

*Being there when no one else is- There are times in your life, especially as a child/teenager, where you feel 100% completely alone. I’ve been there. And you know what? No matter what I did and even if I deserved the lack of friends, my mom was there for me. I knew at the end of the day, she always would be. I want Emma to have that same comfort in me. I want her to know that no matter what happens, her mom will never leave her side.

*Showing flaws- My mom makes mistakes, she’s not perfect, but that is part of what makes her so great. She makes is known. She doesn’t hide behind fake perfections that don’t exist. She has flaws that she doesn’t excuse, but she doesn’t hide them either. I’m working daily on trying to be more transparent about who I am. I heard a message the other day where Matt Chandler said, “*we need to be willing to share and show that God works and makes beauty from the mess; don’t take that from your people. We have to show it!” The same would be true with our children. I want Emma to know that God can make beauty out of my messiness, flaws and all.

*Showing Christ in all we do- This really goes without saying. Once you read all the above that my mom did and still does for me, she shows me daily that Christ is real. He is who He says He is. He is infinitely more than I could imagine and the love she has for me is the earthly example of His love for His children. I pray that my life shines for Emma to see who Christ is. I pray that she is able to comprehend His love based on the love I show her.


These are the things that I’ve found in my mom that make her great and I pray that I can show these same things to Emma. I ask daily for God to guide and direct me to be the mom I know He has created me to be. I pray we all do!

What characteristics do you see that define the meaning of mom?


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