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Valentine’s Week- 10 Gift Ideas February 5, 2013


Let’s be honest, sometimes Valentine’s Day is not easy and not cheap and when you’re on a budget, that makes it even harder. This is the first Valentine’s Day we will be celebrating by spending more than $25 in the past several years but we’ve saved for it and JR did some extra work recently to help pay for it. Isn’t he sweet? We don’t get away just the two of us very often so we felt now was the time, however, in years past we’ve learned how to save money and still make Valentine’s Day special. Here are some ideas I wanted to share with you on how to make your Valentine’s Day the best it can be for your special someone.

#10- Buy him something he really likes that doesn’t cost much. For JR, this could be anything from a coffee, to some ammo, to a gift card, and more. There are a lot of things I’m sure you can find for less than $25 that would tickle his fancy. Find something that’s up his alley and get it. The best part is any gift is better than no gift. Unless it’s bologna. I hate bologna and would much rather have NO gift.

#9- Plan a guy’s night out. This may not take place on Valentine’s Day, and probably shouldn’t, but surprise him with an already scheduled day out with the guys. Share with him what you’ve got planned and that you’ve already scheduled it and put it together. Knowing that you planned a night out with his guy friends and have already planned to watch the kid(s) without complaint is helpful. You’ve made his time out guilt free which is always greatly appreciated.

#8- If you and your spouse are of the competitive nature, have a game night. You can use games you already have and ones that are easy to make. Some of our favorites are Risk and Chess. If you want to get real crazy, you can bet something for the winner. Whoever loses does dishes for that night or maybe even the whole week. Just have fun and get to know one another even better.

#7- Cook his favorite meal. I shared a little about this yesterday. Take time to plan and prepare his favorite meal in advance. Go out, get the groceries, and start cooking! If you work that day, you can do a crockpot meal (luckily, JR’s favorite is a crockpot meal) and cook while you’re at work. A lot of meals can be made into crockpot recipes so start investigating early.

#6- Give him a coupon book. What a great gift this would be! Coupon books can be free in cost but are worth a lot more. A night of no chores, a day of relaxing, a “no” pass, and more could be the way to his heart. Imagine the options you have here and be sure to get creative. Make it a gift that your husband will enjoy that relates to him and his interests. It will mean even more to him.

#5- Have a picnic…indoors. Oh the limited-less fun! Once the kids are tucked into bed, pull out a pizza or sandwiches and light some candles. Sit by candlelight and just enjoy one another’s company. I’m always amazed at how much more time we spend together when the lights are out and how sad I am when they come back on. It’s a great way to grow with one another without having to spend a dime.

#4- Have a manly movie night. Nothing says I love you quite like watching “Terminator” or  “Rocky”. JR’s personal favorite movies are all movies I enjoy so it’s nothing too tough to watch. Currently, I’m trying to get through “Lord of the Rings” with him. I know, it’s crazy that I haven’t seen it yet. I got JR the extended edition so it’s taking a little longer than normal. We’ll get there and Valentine’s Day will definitely help.

#3-Tell him why you love him. If your spouse means as much to you as he should, you should make a list to tell him WHY. The great thing about this list is that you can start with 50 and then add more every year. Before long, you will seriously have hundreds of reasons why you love your spouse which will be great to read together for a reminder in years down the road. It’s fun to look back and fall in love again and this helps to remember WHY you fell in love. I recommend doing this sooner rather than later.

#2- Take a day and don’t ask him to do ANYTHING. I mean absolutely, positively NOTHING. Don’t ask him to change a diaper. Don’t ask him to take the trash out. Don’t ask him to stir the pasta on the stove. Not. One. Thing. This one is harder than it sounds and exhausts me to just think about it but it means so much. The other day, JR let me take a nap while he watched Emma. No interruptions or anything. I kept thinking how nice it would be to have a full day of just relaxing and if anyone deserves it, it would be JR.

#1- When all else fails, you can always be sure that pulling out the big guns will work. Yes, you know what I’m talking about. SEX! Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate love and what better signifies this for your husband than sex? It’s something that never seems to be as often as it should be, especially once kids are in the mix, so I recommend making time for it on this special day. If you know you’ll have the kids that night, ask him to come home during his lunch break. Get all the chores done so you’ll have time once the kids go to bed. Make time for it on this special day (and truthfully every week).

I hope these have helped get your creative wheels turning. Make this Valentine’s Day one to remember!


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