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Valentine’s Week- Roses Are Red February 6, 2013


Roses are red, violets are blue, I am going to share gifts for your husband to get you! Today I want to share some ideas for the husbands on what to get their special someone this Valentine’s Day. Be sure to pass this on to your husband in hopes for a great gift this year!

Here is a list of five great gifts for your wife that cost less than $25. You can thank me later with a gift card to Starbucks or just straight up cash. I’m not hard to please, I promise!

Photo By ProFlowers

Photo By ProFlowers

#5- Flowers. This is the traditional gift but most women really do like them. There are the select few who don’t so if your wife is one of these, please don’t get them for her. If she didn’t like them before she won’t like them now. I promise. If in doubt of what type of flower to get, roses are always a good option but you can ask your local florist what is best in season based on your location. My absolute favorite flowers are tulips (yes, JR knows) and it’s taken me awhile to understand how delicate these flowers are. They are absolutely beautiful though and always make me smile. Always.


#4- Work on your honey do list. Depending on what is on it, you may be able to get one, two or three things done and stay in the $25 range. For example, touch up the paint that needs it, nail the trim in the den, and tighten up the banister on the stairwell. Oh wait. That’s MY honey do list. I guess JR doesn’t have to wonder now what comes first to my mind.


#3- A Date. I don’t mean a night at home or a night that lasts for the 30 minutes between work and daycare. I’m talking about a serious night out with your special someone. If you can get free childcare, then put together a night of going out to eat and sharing a meal along with a possible movie. If you have to pay for childcare, consider paying for the childcare (bringing them to someone else’s house) and stay home to cook a special dinner and rent a movie to watch. You may not be able to afford everything you want to do but there are ways to be creative about it.


#2- A Day of No Chores- this would be the ideal gift for me. And for me, it’s not enough to say, “hey, don’t worry about the chores”. I will stress about those stupid chores all day long. What I would LOVE is a “hey, don’t worry about the chores because I’m going to do all. Of. Them.” Yes sir. That right there is the best gift ever.

Finger Print Necklace From Etsy

Finger Print Necklace            From Etsy

#1-Do something extra special involving your kids. It always melts my heart when JR does something for me that involves Emma. It can be something homemade (there are tons of ideas on Pinterest) or even something that costs some money. If your kids are old enough, let them pick something out for mommy, wrap it, and give it to her themselves. I always think homemade cards from the kids go a long way in mom’s eyes.

I hope this helps you figure out what your spouse would like this year. If all else fails, just ask. She won’t hold it against you as long as it’s something she likes. I certainly wouldn’t. Remember above all it’s the thought that counts. Unless it’s bologna. I would not appreciate the thought of bologna whatsoever.

What would you like for Valentine’s Day?


2 Responses to “Valentine’s Week- Roses Are Red”

  1. I would like…… Gosh. I don’t even know. But Etsy is always a good place to start. 😉

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