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Valentine’s Week- Kid’s Crafts February 7, 2013


For Valentine’s Day this year, we have decided to make some homemade goodies for our loved ones. Nothing says I love you quite like something uniquely made by your little one. It amazes me how it melts hearts like it does. I wanted to share some ideas with you that we’ve tried here at the Linkous house and some we plan on trying this year and in the years to come. Enjoy finding the perfect gift from your little one(s) this Valentine’s Day!

Idea #1- Premade crafts kits. Target is one of my absolute favorite places to find these. We have found the best deals by watching the clearance section right after the holiday passes. Last year, we made decorative premade heart sets for everyone. There were just as special but a little easier for us new parents.

Idea #2- Homemade coupons. These gifts work for anyone, I promise! With kids, it will all depend on the child’s age and what they are capable of promising and/or doing. For an infant, you may want to include a 2 hour play date where as an older kid could use something like a free hug.

Idea #3- Pick your own flowers. Just because it’s wintertime doesn’t mean you can’t find some flowers to give as gifts. They’re easier to find than you think. Keep in mind that you don’t need to pick roses, just flowers that reach out to the heart of the gift receiver (for me, weeds will work if they’re from Emma!).

Idea #4- This next tip may cost a little more, but not so much that it will break the bank. You can pick up a few pint sized mason jars, or even smaller jars if you’d like, and fill them with a popular Valentine’s Day snack. For example, you can put a mixture of chocolate and cinnamon flavored candies together and put on a decorative label “sugar, spice, and everything nice!”

Idea #5- Find something that is a little more expensive when found in store and try to find a way to make it yourself. I like the idea for the fingerprint charm and cannot wait to try ot with Emma! We haven’t made this yet, but plan on using the recipe that calls for (2) cups flour, (1) cup salt, cold water (add lightly- a little at a time). You mix it until it has the consistency of play dough. It bakes at 250 for 2 hours, then after it cools you spray it with metallic paint. This may not look EXACTLY like what your best friend is wearing around her neck. Keep it mind that it cost about $5 to make  and the alternative was over $100.

Here are my ideas of crafts that your kids can do this Valentine’s Day. Have fun and enjoy celebrating this holiday with them!


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