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Valentine’s Week- Fashion Friday February 8, 2013


Fashion Friday is back! Today we are doing a special on how to dress your kids for Valentine’s Day without breaking the bank. A lot of these tips can be used for all other holidays, too, so it’s a double bonus! Lets get ready it!


*Use red, pink, and white colors. Just because it’s Valentine’s Day doesn’t mean it has to an outfit that says it is. The colors will do the talking. Mix all the colors together and voila! You’ve got an outfit for the holidays and any other time of year.


*Find outfits that celebrate the purpose of Valetine’s Day. Anything with hearts all over it in an automatic win. For most people, Valentine’s Day=hearts. It seems that hearts on on anything for girls no matter what time of year so these weren’t hard to find at all.


*Buy clearance for previous years. We always buy clothes in advance to use for upcoming years. We are able to get them for pretty cheap and that way we’re not spending a whole lot of something she’ll only wear a little.


I hope these tips have not only helped with Valentine’s Day but other holidays to come. Happy Valentine’s Day to all and I’ll see you back next week!

**Next week’s topic will be “The Weather Outside is Frightful”, a topic previously voted. Next week we will begin voting again.**



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