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The Places We Go February 13, 2013

Our family travels. A lot. We like to go just about anywhere and everywhere. The great thing is we’ve stayed this way even after having Emma. We have never been home bodies (although I will say that I don’t do well traveling alone). We are more concerned with having our loved ones with us than being at home. When I was little, I grew up in a traveling home and my parents took us everywhere. I love the fact that we’ve traveled so many places and seen history right in front of our eyes. I want that same thing for Emma and think it’s so crucial in her development. It’s not just enough to hear about things and what happened, but to go there, too. I want to share our top two places that we love to travel to and a few other places that we plan on taking Emma as she grows. Oh, the places we go!


Asheville, North Carolina

Hands down, this is our absolute favorite place to go. Over the summer, we took a few days trips with Emma and brought her around downtown Asheville. As she grows, I can’t wait to bring her to the Biltmore and watch her react to it for the first time. JR and I had season passes there one year but I’m not sure he’ll let me do that again. Apparently, there is too much of a good thing and for JR- that ends at the Biltmore. Some places we really love and recommend highly are:  Tupelo Honey Café, Mayfel’s, Three Dog Bakery, and the Biltmore. There are tons of other places that we love to just see. Downtown Asheville is probably our favorite and we love people watching there. So much fun! Asheville is a well-known dog friendly town so feel free to bring your pup along with you. Most restaurants have outdoor dining available and are more than happy to welcome your dog into their establishment.


Savannah, Georgia

This is quite possibly my favorite place to go in the whole wide world (well, the whole, wide United States). I could go to Savannah every year, or more, if JR was up for it. We have gotten so use to the Savannah area and know what we like and what we don’t. We’ve started to learn about Savannah and some of the places that are more popular with the “natives” and have truly fallen in love with the town and the history there. Tybee Island is right near by but we prefer to stay in Savannah, other than the Breakfast Club restaurant. It’s our favorite! We also stay on Wilmington which is right between Tybee and Savannah. It’s quiet and has everything you need right near by without the crowd. Here are some of our favorite places to visit in Savannah: Gallery Espresso, The Sentient Bean, Harris Baking Company, Nourish, Gigi’s Cupcakes, Leopold’s Ice Cream, Crystal Beer Parlor, and Clary’s Café. The first two are competitor coffee shops so we have fun trying both of them. Also, the Sentient Bean has a cute little organic store right beside is that I loved, too. I can’t remember to name of it. Sorry! Oh, and the parks all throughout the historic district are wonderful, too. If you have time, it’s good to get a deal of the tour buses and use them, especially if you’re going during their busy seasons.

Although we’ve been other places that we really like (Boone, NC; Knoxville, TN; Myrtle Beach, SC; Greenville, SC; Orlando, FL; just to name a few), these are our top two and I’m sure they will change as we go more places and get comfortable with more places, too. Here are a few places that we plan on going with Emma (within the US):

New Orleans, Louisiana- there’s A LOT of history here and a lot of French culture. We love both! We plan on making this a car trip and traveling through several places in Alabama and Mississippi along the way. JR and I served on a mission trip in Mississippi right after Katrina and would like to go back and visit the Gulf while there. My parents did this trip for our family when we were little and it still ranks as one of my top ones!

New York City/Manhattan, New York- after 9/11, I knew there was a lot of new things I would love to see (I went in 1999) and things I would love JR and Emma to see for the first time. A big one would be the memorial to 9/11. Being able to see and experience ground zero will definitely be a moment that will help Emma relate to an experience that she didn’t experience in her lifetime.

Amish Country, Pennsylvania- we have truly fallen in love with Amish anything. Well maybe not all of it. I respect all of it but am not sure I’m personally ready to do without some things. Just being honest. I would love to see for myself, as well as Emma, how they live in a self-sustaining society. It just amazes me. This might be a combo trip when we decide to visit New York.

Honolulu, Hawaii- this is a big dream and one that we don’t have the funds for right now or even in the next five years. Maybe graduation for Emma? Who knows. I have always wanted to visit the area and experience Pearl Harbor. It’s probably just my fascination with history but I think it’s invaluable to see these things that we didn’t experience in our lifetime to help us understand it a little better. So, any funds that want to be donated I will gladly accept!

Any other recommendations?


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