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Mommy Essentials February 14, 2013


As a family, there are things that are essential and necessary to have. Not all these things are concrete “things”. I wanted to share with you today the things I’ve found are essential for me as a mommy and hope it helps you out along the way in your mommy world!

I need time to myself. I love my daughter and I love my husband but I’ve noticed if I don’t get a few minutes each day to refresh myself as well as my relationship with God, I’m worthless. I’m grumpy, grouchy, and not the best mommy I know I can be. This doesn’t always mean that I get out and physically go somewhere. It can be something as simple as having my quiet time and spending a little time relaxing while Emma takes her nap.

I have found I also need one-on-one time with Emma. I need time to grow with her and bond. These are sacred moments that I will never get to do again so I make a point to have this every day. We do a lot of things together. We bake together. We pretend bake together (Emma’s kitchen). We play together. One of my favorite moments is where I put her to bed or down for her nap, especially when she’s tired and willing to go to bed. We always spend time cuddling together and when she snuggles up next to me and puts her head on my shoulder, that officially melts my mommy heart. There’s nothing quite like it.

I have to have one-on-one time with my husband, too. We don’t always get to go out for our alone time but we’re trying to be more intentional about the time after Emma goes to bed by watching a movie or playing a game together. Every few months, we try to away together for a night, too. For us, we strive for at least two date nights a month but are working towards more. We’re still working on learning how to balance out being a parent and a spouse. It’s a daily lesson.

Another mommy essential I have is what I call “the right of mommy”. I’m pretty strong willed about this one. It works like this: if you want to give me advice on my child, I will normally listen. It also means that I have the “right of mommy” to disagree with anything you say and not feel bad for doing so. This might sound harsh but in this day in age, everyone feels they have the right to raise my child for me and I’ve decided to put my foot down. You have the right to share your opinion and I have right to say no. It’s ok if you don’t like how I parent but at the end of the day, I’m the one who makes the decisions because Emma is my daughter. End of story.


So there are my mommy essentials in how I live. I hope it helps you in how your raise your children and decide what’s essential to you.

What are your mommy essentials?


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