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The Weather Outside is Frightful- Fashion Friday Series February 15, 2013


I know snow is a touchy subject. Most people either want so much snow they vomit or they don’t ever want to see it again. Ever. I would fall into the first category. I love being able to have all the seasons but I do wish winter lasted just a little bit longer around here. I remember when I was little how much snow we got and am kind of disappointed in what we get now. A lot of great memories were made on REAL snow days. Maybe that’s why I love it so much. Either way, I wanted to share some tips with you today on Fashion Friday about how to prepare your kids to go out and play in the snow! Whether you like it or not, snow happens.

Our road- 1/17/13

Our road- 1/17/13

Remember that not just any pair of pants will do. It’s important to have thick jeans but if you can have thick, fleece lined jeans, even better. We have NEVER paid full price for ours. I think the most we spent was $3.50 and most were $2.50 or less. They really do a great job keeping Emma not only warm, but also dry. We try to keep at least two pairs on hand every winter season.

Walking through the store in her boots

Walking through the snow in her boots

Invest in shoes that will make a difference. The good news here is we didn’t have to spend much at all to find these. We were at Old Navy at the end of winter last year and found some rockin’ snow boots on clearance. How I found these I’m still not sure. I’m certain someone should have bought them, but they didn’t. We decided to try them out during our last big snow and although I was unsure, we went for it. When you pay $1 for boots you wonder about their quality. I’m just sayin’. Anyways, these boots worked GREAT! Emma’s feet stayed completely dry without any complaints from her or us. They were definitely a win!

Emma's sock monkey set

Emma’s sock              monkey set

Try to do hats and gloves. I say “try” because sometimes they just don’t last with Emma for more than a few minutes. Other times, she’ll wear them and never think twice. A lot of times I think it’s based on how cold she is. Out in the snow, she did a great job keeping them on and not trying to take them off every few seconds. She finally did take them off but it was once she was done outside and ready to come in and get warm.

Emma and Daddy- sporting her coat

Emma and Daddy- sporting her coat

Get your child use to wearing coats before you go out to play for the first time. Emma is pretty fond of coats and has never fought us on wearing them, thank goodness. We have several to choose from and can go from a cool, fall/spring day to a blizzard in the depths of winter. Variety is definitely the way to go!

Emma and Mommy

Emma and Mommy

The last point is to know when it’s just too cold to go outside. If we have to go out and it’s chilly, we cover Emma up with a blanket, head and all. We try to stay in if it’s bad outside or just one of us go out if we really need something. There are times that it’s not worth the risk to go out so we just stay in.

These are our tips for preparing for the weather outside. Do you have any tips?


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