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Welcome to Asheville! February 19, 2013


As I shared last week, JR and I love Asheville, North Carolina. It’s one of our favorite places to go and just relax. In Asheville, we feel “at home”. I guess it’s no wonder we feel that way since Asheville is often called the “Paris of the South”. This city that feels more like a small town really reminds us a lot of our time in France. The dedication and commitment to their community and family is such a profound thing to find in a city and carries with it the heart of the French culture. If you haven’t been or haven’t been able to spend a lot of time there, I would recommend revisiting. Today, I want to share some new things we’ve done and tried and what I would recommend you doing on your next trip there!

The Biltmore- Asheville, NC

The Biltmore- Asheville, NC

JR and I spent a Valentine’s getaway in Asheville this past weekend. It was bittersweet as we left our little princess behind, but it was much needed for all three of us. When we grow together, it helps not only us but Emma, too. We decided going into this trip that we would experience all new things. We didn’t want this trip to be our standard Asheville trip and we made a commitment to make that happen. Our first stop upon our arrival was a trip to Aldi. I’m not going to lie, I wasn’t very impressed. I’m hoping it was just a fluke and possibly a not well kept one, but I just wasn’t overly impressed. After my disappoint, we settled in for a trip to the Biltmore. Now, let me stop here and say I just said we weren’t going to do anything we’d already done. Well, the Biltmore is a non-negotiable for me. If I’m going to Asheville, I expect to view the wonder that is the Biltmore. Plus we had free tickets. Who could say no to THAT?

Our Swan Towel (we had 3 of these!)

Our Swan Towel (we had 3 of these!)

Our rockin' fireplace

Our rockin’ fireplace

After our self-done tour (we’re Biltmore professionals having been at least 10 times in the past five years), we made our way to our hotel for the weekend. JR got us reservations at the Residencies at the Biltmore and I would highly recommend it to anyone and everyone. The rooms are all suites so you have multiple rooms. Our place was one of the smallest with a bedroom, a bathroom, a kitchen, and a den. Not to mention the amenities. My absolute favorite was the fireplace. It made a cold, winter night a lot more enjoyable. We decided to order in that night and enjoy our time relaxing. We called the concierge (how fancy is THAT?) and were recommended to use the Asheville Pizza & Brewing Company. Boy, were they right! We each got a burger and were blown away by the taste. Super yummy! They got our delivery wrong the first time around, but no worries. We were full enough from what we had that we were able to pack the other burger for the ride home and ate it for dinner the night we returned. After taking this idea to stay in, I would recommend it to anyone going away with your spouse. We were able to really grow together without anything else getting in the way. It allowed us time to spend with one another with absolutely no interruptions. That doesn’t happen much anymore now that we have a toddler and a wild dog. Enough said.

Coffee at City Bakery Cafe

Coffee at City Bakery Cafe

Goat Cheese & Avocado Melt

Goat Cheese & Avocado Melt at City Bakery Cafe

Filet Mignon at Bier Garden

Filet Mignon at Bier Garden

Gouda Mac & Cheese

Gouda Mac & Cheese

The next day, we had a late breakfast/early lunch at City Bakery Cafe. They use all local food and bake all their breads fresh in store. They also donate their leftovers to a local homeless shelter. All those are wins for me. I enjoyed some chai with a goat cheese and avocado Panini. JR had a mocha with a chicken salad sandwich. It was the perfect start to our day! We spent the new few hours shopping around and enjoying the day. We were able to get Emma several things for her Easter basket and just relax. We had plans for dinner but stopped at a cute little store called “Papoose” on the way. There were a lot of local clothes there and we found Emma the cutest shirt ever! They really promote buying local and one brand had been bought out by Target and they weren’t selling them anymore (it was all on clearance). We really love their deep devotion to community. Have I said that yet? We next went to the Bier Garden in downtown Asheville where we had purchased a groupon deal. It was amazing, to say the least. We spent $19 and were able to eat gouda mac and cheese, half a rack of ribs, filet mignon, and sides. What a deal! The food was great and the service was, too. We definitely recommend it!

Peanut Butter & Nutella Crepe at Twisted Crepe

Peanut Butter & Nutella Crepe at Twisted Crepe

Our  next stop was right before we left to go home. It was a few stops down from the Bier Garden and something I was looking forward to trying. We visited the Twisted Crepe for dessert and indulged in a peanut buter/nutella crepe that was to die for, no joke. It was very rich and we got water to drink to help wash it down. It truly tasted amazing and I’d like to try something there again next time we visit. We both were sure Emma would love it, too!

JR and I on our "getaway"

JR and I on our “getaway”

Emma at with Kelly and her cousin, Owen (due in April!)

Emma with Kelly and her cousin, Owen (due in April!)

This is how we spent our weekend in Asheville getting away and trying some new things. I hope this helps you find some ideas to try and take advantage of during your next visit to the great city that is Asheville. Emma enjoyed time with Mimi & Pappous as well as a little time in Bluefield for Kelly’s baby shower. Isn’t she precious?

What do you love to do in Asheville? Where else do you love to travel?


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