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Why We Love Coconut Oil February 20, 2013

Picture from Lady Homemade

Picture from Lady Homemade

When I was nursing Emma and had horrible pain from the tongue tie, I found very little relief. I tried to use lanolin and the more and more I used it, the worse it got. I found out shortly afterwards that I am allergic to wool, therefore, allergic to lanolin. I searched high and low for something to use, preferably natural, and my friend Stacy recommended coconut oil. She was even kind enough to bring me some to try. This is why I love Stacy. Today, I wanted to share with you what I’ve learned about coconut oil and why I personally think it’s one of the best oils out there. Join me today and spread the love of coconut oil!

**Keep in mind that coconut oil comes as a solid but melts into a liquid when heated (even by rubbing with your hands). Once it cools, it will solidify again**

Picture from Passionate Homemaking

Picture from Passionate Homemaking


*It should be obvious, but since it can be used for nipple cream it can also be used as a regular body oil

*An eye make up remover

*Can be used to make homemade lotions, body scrubs, and deodorant

*An all natural sunscreen (up to SPF 4) and can heal sunburns as well

*As an all-natural massage oil

*Mix with baking soda for all natural teeth whitening

*Can be used as natural chap stick

*On cuticles to help nail growth

Picture from Herbal Alternative Medicine

Picture from Herbal Alternative Medicine


*It supports a healthy thyroid (a win for all of you with hypo or hyper thyroidism)

*It boosts your metabolism (weight loss WIN!)

*Kills yeast/yeast infections (topically)

*Can be used as an all-natural anti-bacterial cream

*Can be used for relief from itch due to bug bites, eczema, psoriasis, chicken pox, poison ivy, etc.

*When mixed with other essential oils, can be used as a bug repellent

*When it’s mixed with apple cider vinegar, it can be used to naturally cure lice

*Can help produce healthy cholesterol and insulin levels

*Can be used as an all natural brain booster (you can mix with a smoothie) and is not stored as a fat

Picture from Simple Homemade

Picture from Simple Homemade


*Great for cooking! It’s one of my absolutely favorite oils EVER

*It can work as a replacement in cooking for any oil AND butter (I love butter so this one doesn’t apply to me)

*Seasoning cast iron skillets

*Can be used to help dry hands from washing dishes (I need to use this BIG TIME)


Children/New Mommas

*Great treatment for diaper rash (cloth diaper safe, too!)

*Great treatment for chapped nipples from nursing

*Prevents stretch marks (and it’s natural!) and helps remove cellulite when used regularly

*It can be used to cure cradle cap in babies (put on and rinse after a few minutes)

*Can be used after birth in your “nether regions” for discomfort and/or hemorrhoids

*Nursing moms can take it daily to increase milk supply

*Can be used to treat thrush in momma’s and babies


I hope this helps as you decide how to start using more natural products. There are things out there and they work great. I would recommend searching for more uses of coconut oil. There are hundreds of them. These are just a few of the wonderful reasons that we love coconut oil and you should, too.

Why do you love coconut oil?


One Response to “Why We Love Coconut Oil”

  1. I love it. Plain and simple. Love it. I can eat the virgin coconut oil with a spoon. And yeah, I love you too!

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