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Buy Local! February 21, 2013

As some of you may recall, JR and I went to Asheville this past weekend. We had a great time dining locally and checking out all the local artists and shops in town. We made it our goal to only buy locally (minus Chickfila on the way out of town).

When JR and I returned home, we determined that our life needs to be different here. We need to work harder and do better about buying stuff locally here and not being so quick to run out to the store or to a big franchise every time we go. There are some things we can find a buy locally for the same price, sometimes less and sometimes more.

LOVE Sign in Abingdon (on the Barter green)

LOVE Sign in Abingdon (on the Barter green)

Photo Credit to Jason Barnette Photography

What did the final straw was a trip to a big known restaurant in Bristol this past Monday . Despite my new thoughts, I had friends going, wanted to join them, and truth is, I love the food there. Well, after a 30 minute wait for a seat, a 40 minute wait for food, cold food brought to the table, and a weak apology from the manager, I decided no more. I’m making a stand that when JR and I have a dog in the race and are able to make a decision, we will be supporting our local business. There are several local places we go where the same service would have never happened and if it did, we would have been offered something other than a forced apology. **end rant** This isn’t to say that when friends choose to go somewhere that we won’t join them from time to time. There are places we like, for example Chickfila, that we feel do have good service and a good standard they follow. For the most part, however, local is the way we will go.

Zazzy Z's (I have breakfast here once a week)

Zazzy Z’s                        (I have breakfast here once a week)

Some reasons to buy local:

  • It helps support YOUR town 
  • It keeps local costs down when people buy more local food
  • Often times, local products are healthier and mostly preservative-free and sometimes organic
  • You usually receive better service
  • It creates a community of people who love and support one another

So, now here is my question to you. We visit A LOT of local places in the Abingdon/Bristol/TriCities area and have fallen in love with many of them, but there are many more that we haven’t tried or even heard of yet. What are YOUR favorite places to go locally (stores, restaurants, etc)?


3 Responses to “Buy Local!”

  1. Kings! Dutch Pantry! Little’s Quick Check! Dip Dog! Ellis Soda Shop! 🙂

  2. […] these are a few reasons why we love buying at our Farmer’s Market. It also supports buying local, which we’re all about. I hope this helps you in figuring out all the wonderful things you […]

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