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Give a Toast- Manic Monday Series February 25, 2013

Something I’ve learned over time is this: it’s a lot cheaper to MAKE your own stuff versus buying it made. Is that clear as mud? Here’s what I’m saying. When you buy something in it’s original state and then take the time to make it into what you want, most times you will save money. For example, we make our own kefir and it’s a lot cheaper. We also try to make our own yogurt from time to time, which is cheaper, too. Another thing we’ve found to be true is with seeds and nuts being toasted. Join me today!

Toasted Almond SaladPhoto By closetcooking.com

Toasted Almond Salad
Photo By closetcooking.com

JR really likes raw nuts, especially almonds. I am learning to love them. I’m trying to add them into our diet more and more and one way I’ve found that I really like is with salads. The recipe I have been using calls for toasted almonds and I’m not going to lie- I was NOT going to buy them after I bought two bags of raw almonds. I went searching for ideas and found that I can make my own and their super easy. Who knew? This girl knows now.You can use this method for not only nuts, but seeds, and here’s how!

Here’s how to make toasted almonds,  pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, and more:

  1. Put some your item on the stovetop. I usually do a lot (or as many will fit comfortably) so I will have them already toasted and ready for later.
  2. Cook stoves on medium heat and stir occasionally until golden/light brown. Keep in mind that you can overcook them so don’t allow them to cook for too long.
  3. You can store nuts in your pantry (if you plan on using them quickly) or in your freezer for a few months. For seeds, you can store them out for a good amount of time before they go bad.
Toasted Sesame SeedsPhoto By cookingoutloud.com

Toasted Sesame Seeds
Photo By cookingoutloud.com

We have used this recipe several times and they’ve turned out great both times. Another thing we really like is how you don’t have to use any oils to cook these. Almonds produce their own oils to keep them from sticking. That rocks! As far as the seeds go, we usually use seeds for pumpkin seeds as they tend to dry out easier. With the sesame seeds, we didn’t use any oil and they cooked well, however, I did let them overcook. The good news is, they still tasted good, even after being cooked for too long. That was the biggest win of all!

Pumpkin SeedsPhoto By thewaytohisheartblog.com

Toasted Pumpkin Seeds
Photo By thewaytohisheartblog.com

I hope you enjoy buying your raw foods and being able to save even more! It’s a blessing to know that you can save money by being willing to spend another 5-10 minutes tops. What a win!

What do you like to toast?


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