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How Much Is Too Much- Fashion Friday Series March 1, 2013

wee cycle it

Here’s the truth- sometimes it’s easy to get carried away when you buy at large consignment sales. Am I right or am I right? I seriously have a hard time saying “no” when it comes to things being a really good deal. The same would be true of some people when they even see the word “sale”. Just because something is on sale doesn’t mean it’s a good deal. In honor of Wee Cycle It and other consignment sales in your local area, here are some tips on how much is too much.

I would never spend more than ½ price on an item in excellent condition. This means if I run across a carseat that’s in amazing condition and it retailed for $200, I’m not paying more than $100. Sorry. It’s just my guideline. Even if it looks nice, it’s likely been used so the price dropped as soon as that puppy went off the lot.

I will never spend more than 1/3 on an item that’s in used condition. This means if something has obvious wear, I’m not going to pay retail. I’m not going to pay half price. I’m going to pay 1/3 the price, or less. There are times that I’ve found a fair of Gymboree jeans (retail around $30) and 1/3 of the price is just too much for this cheap mom to swallow. $10 is a lot of money for jeans and in this case, I usually won’t settle for less than ¼ the price if used. So sorry to all you mommy’s who shop Gymboree. When I buy Gymboree jeans in the store, brand new, I won’t spend more than $7 so you can imagine why I won’t pay $10 used.

I will never spend ANY MONEY of really worn items. The great thing about Wee Cycle It is they keep these items out of the sale. They won’t allow items that has been overly worn, damaged, missing pieces, recalled, and so on. I love knowing that! However, I know a lot of these rules can apply to other sales (websites that resale items, yard sales, etc). If something is in really bad shape I’m not paying $1 for it. Chances are that thing is going to break on the way home and I’m going to be ticked. Not really at the seller, I should have known better.

The final word of advice is to use your own mommy judgment. You know what’s best for you and what you can afford to spend. For some of you, it really may not be realistic to pay 1/3 or even ¼ the price of an item. If that’s you, that’s ok. But I want to say this- don’t be upset at the prices you find . I would recommend lowering your standards and realizing what you can and cannot afford. For us, we know we can’t afford a $500 carseat or stroller. For us, we can’t afford that at ½ price or 1/3 price. We usually cap our spending on carseats at $150 and they have to be in GREAT or NEW condition. Last year we found at Britax carseat for $100. It was regularly $250 so we ends up paying about 40% of the regular cost. I was cool with that because it was in great shape and had great reviews. I heart Britax.


What are your tips for how to decide how much is too much when you shop?


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