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Family Heirlooms March 6, 2013

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I love my family. Many of you know this as I say it on a weekly, if not daily, basis. I love the memories of my family. I also love the memories they have given or left me in the form of family heirlooms. When most people think of heirlooms they think of expensive antiques passed down from family members. The truth is, a family heirloom can be anything that’s been passed down from one family member to another. An heirloom is something that is valuable to you and it doesn’t have to be monetary. Today I wanted to share with you some of my favorite family heirlooms.


My maternal grandparents kitchen table and chairs. I love this table. It has a lot of love and wear and tear on it, but that’s ok. It means so much to me knowing that my family eats where my grandparents, mom, and uncle ate meals many years ago. A tradition is being made right now and family is bonding where another did.

My maternal grandmother’s milk glasses. These are absolutely beautiful. I love how delicate they look and the age that comes with them. I was able to find a few additional pieces to match it at a yard sale this past summer and would like to think one day I’ll pass it down to Emma completed. I keep them in our hutch on display year round. They remind me so much of my mamaw and I love having that connection with her.


My mom’s highchair. My mom had a highchair that her brother used and then Erick and I used it, too. Now Emma’s using it! Dad did some handy work on it and added in a strap to keep her from sliding through the bottom. It was probably a great idea because Emma loves to squirm in it. Another thing I love about it is the ability to turn it into a desk, too. How cool is that? They definitely don’t make things like they use to.

My mom’s piano. When I was growing up, I always wanted to play mom’s piano and my mamaw wouldn’t let me unless I had lessons. Quick update: I never had lessons. Fortunately, my mom was a little more forgiving and was wiling to give me her piano when we were cleaning out my grandparent’s house. My moved it to mom and dad’s until I was married and had my own place. As a “moving” gift, mom and dad had it tuned for me. I absolutely love it and the memories it brings to me. I’ve taught my self a few songs by ear but wouldn’t call myself a piano player by any means.

These are some of my favorite heirlooms and I cannot wait to pass them down to Emma, too. It will be wonderful to watch her explain to her children the history of our family. It brings a tear to my eye just thinking about it.

Do you have family heirlooms? What are your favorites?


2 Responses to “Family Heirlooms”

  1. Yolanda Says:

    I have a lot of heirlooms. I was my mom’s only heir and she loved antiques. My favorite item is the set of 6 sterling silver teaspoons that belonged to my grandmother. They have her initials. They were obviously used a LOT. Just so sweet.

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