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Easter Planning- Fashion Friday Series March 8, 2013


In case you didn’t realize it, Easter is coming early this year. Yes my friends, Easter is in March this year. And let me just say- I CANNOT STAND how Easter operates. If it were up to me, I’d make it the first Sunday of April and be done with it. There. Vote Erinn for President everyone! I’ll make Easter the same time every year.

On another note, before I become president, I will give you some tips on how to prepare your family for Easter this year. I say family because this time of year usually involves family pictures of some sort so that mean not just baby has to look cute. No- mommy, daddy, brother, and sister have to match, too. Here are my tips for you:

Photo By Dreams Time

Photo By Dreams Time

*Buy in advance. At this point, it’s hard to shop too far in advance since Easter is just a few weeks away but you still have a few weeks left so that’s better than nothing. I would recommend checking out Wee Cycle It and seeing what you find there. The half price sell is this Saturday from 9-2pm. Be sure to check it out  here for more information. We almost always get Emma’s  Easter (and other holiday) outfits here.

Photo By Home Depot

Photo By Home Depot

*Focus on coordinating, not matching. If you try to make sure every person has khaki pants and a coral shirt you’re going to either have a hard time finding it or spend a lot of money doing it. Matching is hard to do on a budget because you can rarely find matching outfits on clearance in all the sizes you need. It’s cute, but can get expensive. If you coordinate, on the other hand, you can use similar colors and looks to play off one another.

Photo By Milestone Advisors

Photo By Milestone Advisors

*Keep your receipts. I never let anyone wear their Easter attire prior to Easter. Why? Because I don’t want it to get ruined and I may find something I like better or at a better deal. I keep all of mine with our other bills that way I don’t accidentally loss it. How awful would it be to have something I knew I wanted to return and to not be able to do it? I’ve been there before and I never want to be there again. Ever.

Photo By Large Families on Purpose

Photo By Large Families on Purpose

*Use what you’ve got. Be willing to work around what you have already. There may be some things that you can pair with different things to give them a “new” look without costing you anything extra. This is especially great when you have no budget for this or a limited budget and several kids to buy for. We bought Emma an outfit but are using shoes and a sweater and jean jacket we already had. There was no point on buying these things since we already ones than would work.

I hope this has helped you in finding what you’ll be doing for Easter this year.

Have you already planned your outfits? If so, what look are you going for?


2 Responses to “Easter Planning- Fashion Friday Series”

  1. So, I got Annie and Andy coordinating outfits for Easter. 🙂 Annie’s dress is navy blue with white polka dots and Andy’s polo shirt is navy blue and white stripes with a pair of jeans. Did I do good?! 🙂

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