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Wee Cycle Wonderful! March 12, 2013

Wee Cycle Loot~ Spring 2013

Wee Cycle Loot~ Spring 2013

Wee Cycle It Loot~ Spring 2013

Wee Cycle It Loot~ Spring 2013

Well, it’s here and gone. Can you believe that Wee Cycle It is over? For those of you that are local, it always comes and goes really quick. The truth is, this is probably true with any of you who do consignment sales like this one. I wanted to share with you some of my steals and deals that I got this year and why shopping consignment really is best.

On the first day, I was able to rack up big. I volunteered 18 hours of my week so we could shop early and we got some great stuff! This is when we focused on our list and getting items that may not be around the rest of the week.

Here is what we got:

Umbrella stroller with storage area

Hiking carrier

Moby wrap

Fisherprice spin toy

(3) magna doodles

Melissa & Doug puzzle

Melissa & Doug abacus

Jansport bookbag

Ariel lunchbox

The Pregnancy Book by Dr. Sears

(8) infant, white prefold diapers

(2) wash clothes

Gymboree sparkle jeans (size 3T)

Gymboree white jeans (size 3T)

Old Navy brown pants (size 2T)

Yoga style pants (size 2T)

High-waisted shorts (size 2T)

UT dress (size 2T)

Old Navy dress (size 3T)

White and sparkle dress (size 2T)

Gap orange skirt (size 2T)

Gymboree sweater & pant set (size 2T)

Rain jacket & rain boot set (size 3T)

Gymboree tunic, board shorts, and takini (size 4T)

Keen shoes (size 5)

 TOTAL COST= $143.00

On the next day I worked, I picked up a few things that were such good deals I had to jump on it.

Here is what I got: 

Washcloth, pack of 5

Swim diaper cover


The last day is my favorite day. Half price day! It’s amazing to get there and have the thrill of shopping stuff for a better price than you saw them the day before. I looked Friday night before I left and made a mental list of the things I wanted if they were still there. And guess what? I got it all. Here is my list from the last day of Wee Cycle It:

 Here is what I got: 

Gdiapers- set of (2)

Gdiapers inserts- set of (7)

(2) sippy cups

Snack holder

(12) pairs of socks

(18) pairs of panties

Blender (pretend of course)

(2) pairs of sleep pants (size 2T)

(2) pairs of Old Navy sleepers (size 3T)

Carter Sleep Set (size 3T)

Gap navy pants (size 3T)

Gap brown stitched jeans (size 3T)

Old Navy jeans (size 3T)

Oshkosh Jeans dress (size 2T)

Gap jeans skirt (size 3T)

Gap khaki corduroy skirt (size 3T)

Old Navy dress (size 3T)

Carters skirt (size 2T)

Skirt (size 3T)

Gymboree shirt (size 3T)

Crazy 8 Swimsuit (size 2T)

iSwim swimsuit (diaper included) (size 2T)

(2) Halo Sleepsacks

Rainboots (size 5)


Basically, I was able to get all of Emma’s 2T clothes as well as the majority of her 3T clothes, stuff for baby #2 (I’m not preggo FYI), birthday and Christmas gifts, mom and dad supplies, and more for $202.50. What a deal! That basically averages everything out to $3.43/each. I can’t complain! Also, I tried to add everything up at it’s “normal” price to the best of my ability and got a total of over $800 . Win!

Stuff from Mimi!

Stuff from Mimi!

So what do you think? Do you shop consignment sales? If you don’t, you’re missing out. Seriously! Can’t wait to see what you score at your local sales!


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