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Lounging Around- Fashion Friday Series March 15, 2013

Emma Playing in the Cabinets

Emma Playing in the Cabinets

For this week of Fashion Friday, I’m focusing on lounging. Why you may ask? Because we spend a lot of our Saturday mornings doing just that. For us, we try to make Saturday morning a relaxing family time. We sleep in, eat a late breakfast, and then do nothing. It’s just about my favorite way to start a weekend! Here are some tips on how we lounge around with a toddler.

We make sure Emma is wearing something comfortable. An important part of being able to sleep in and relax is being comfortable. If you’re wearing something that makes you scratch and itch, you won’t get much sleeping done. Can I get an amen?

Allie Lounging Around, Too!

Allie Lounging Around, Too!

We make sure Emma is wearing something in line with the weather. If it’s cold outside, we usually put Emma in sleep pants with fleece lining. It helps keep her warm, especially since she hates covers so much. My child cannot stand a blanket at all which is funny since she loved to sleep in her sleep sac for so long. If it’s super warm out, we usually do sleep shorts and a long sleeve shirt. It’s a good balance for her.

We make sure Emma has a clean, fresh diaper on. Nothing is worse than Emma waking up at 2am because we’ve forgotten to put a fresh diaper on. Just so you know, diapers can only hold so much pee…or poo. A fresh bottom is the way to go!

We make sure that whatever we’re wearing can be transitioned outside if need be. There are some times we have to make a quick run out and there’s no way to bring Emma out in something that won’t cooperate with her carseat or a trip into the store. The majority of her sleeping clothes are two piece or one piece zipper sleepers. We’ve found those are best for us.

Great Morning with Biscuits and Walle!

Great Morning with Biscuits and Walle!

We make sure Emma is wearing something she doesn’t mind to wear for several hours, even while awake. If we’re going to truly lounge, we’re not changing clothes even after we wake up. We’re going to live it up and relax as much and as long as we can.

Something new we’re having to do is make sure her outfit fits with her extra butt fluff. Now that we’re doing cloth diapers, she has some extra padding at night that needs to be covered. So far, all her clothes have fit well but I’m sure we’ll eventually stumble upon something that doesn’t work right but so far, so good.

There are also other things that we do that don’t necessarily involve “fashion” but are always good to do. We make sure Emma hasn’t napped too late in the afternoon, hasn’t had too much to eat or drink before bed, and hasn’t had too much play time. We’ve developed a routine bed time scenario and she seems to roll with it pretty well (thank goodness).

Pancake Time!

Pancake Time!

I’m excited about this summer and all the fun lounging outfits I found her at Wee Cycle It. Now, let’s make some pancakes and get to relaxin’!

What is your favorite outfit to lounge around in?


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