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Childproofing Your iPhone (or other “i” device) March 20, 2013

Today is a great day for all parents. Yes, today is the day that I have been waiting for what seems like forever. On Sunday night, I made a startling discovery. Well, actually, my friend Tim did. He informed me that there is indeed a way to childproof your iPhone. No app, no additional cost. It’s FREE. All parents CELEBRATE! No more deleted apps or unwanted phone calls made in the wee hours of the morning! For that matter, all people should celebrate. Just because you don’t have a toddler doesn’t mean you won’t be getting a call from one of your friends who does. Today I’m going to walk you through step by step how to enable your iPhone to become CHILDPROOF.

**Please note: this child proofing can be done on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch

Let’s start this by saying the official term is enabling “Kid Mode’ on your device with Guided Access. Yes, I DO like childproofing better, but let’s be technical.


Step 1: Go to “Settings”. Mine is the 2nd row down, 2nd one over from the left. It looks like a bunch of wheels. Notice also that I need to update some of my apps. Farris, does this drive you nuts?


Step 2: Once you’re in your settings, select “General”. Anything labeled general drives me nuts, just so you know. I mean really? Was there NOT a category for this? I guess not.


Step 3: Once you’re in, scroll down to the bottom and select the second to last option, “Accessibility”. I smiled and giggled a little the first time I saw this. Seriously. I love knowing that this is available. Think of all the calls I’ll be saved from having to explain later…


Step 4: Scroll down again and under “Learning”, you’ll find “Guided Access”. For most of you, this option will be off. You need to make sure this option is ON or otherwise you’re device cannot go into kid mode and this whole post will have not been worth it. Please don’t make it not worth it.


Step 5: Once inside the “Guided Access” section, you will need to slide it from “off” to “on”. The next thing you’ll do is set your passcode. It will let you do this twice to make sure you don’t slip up and enter the wrong thing. The next option is to enable screen sleep. This part is completely up to you. I choose not to do this but you can. This on is optional.


Step 6: Exit your settings and open the app for your child. I choose Emma’s fisherprice monkey app. Notice we have 6 apps for her. I use to have 8. Thank you, kid mode! Once it starts, hit your home key THREE TIMES. Not once, not four times, but THREE. I can’t take a picture of this because it won’t let me. I am SO SORRY. Once you do this, the guided access will come up at the top. You will need to select “start” in the top right corner. Enter in your passcode here. Take a moment of silence to thank God for this.

Step 7: When your child is done, you will do the same. Click of your home key THREE TIMES. I can’t take a picture here either because once again, my phone is in kid mode. Sorry again! You will be given the option to enter your password and then select “end” or “resume”. It will come up and say “Guided Access has Ended”. Thank you, Guided Access!

At this point, once it’s on, you don’t need to go through all these steps again. You can start with Step 6 and breath a sigh of relief. You spent no additional money and your device is now safe from your children. All praise be to God!

What apps has your child deleted? Any fun (and embarrassing) phone calls made?


2 Responses to “Childproofing Your iPhone (or other “i” device)”

  1. Wow! Barry really needed this. Thanks, Tim! 🙂

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