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Celebrations at the Linkous House March 21, 2013

Photo by FanPop

Photo by FanPop

Let me start this post by saying this post is not to debate what holidays should be celebrated and which shouldn’t. It’s not to debate what fictional characters should or shouldn’t be allowed for a child. I believe each decision is up to the parent(s) of a child and those parents alone. Today, I just want to share with you how we do our holidays here at the Linkous house.

When it comes to holidays that involve traditional, fictional characters, like Easter, we do it. We went back and forth for awhile before Emma’s birth, but ultimately decided this is what we wanted to do. It’s how we were raised and it was how we wanted our children raised. End of story. For us, we celebrate with Santa Clause and the Easter Bunny. They bring gifts for Emma and we brings gifts for Emma. The wrapped gifts are from mom and dad, the unwrapped ones are from Santa and the Bunny. We started this early on so she would be able to differentiate the two. For the Easter Bunny, we always include some plastic eggs and I’m going to be honest here. We use the same eggs. Every year. And we will continue to do so. For Santa, we always lay out milk and cookies for him and carrots for his reindeer. Always. There will never be a Christmas picture where we didn’t do this. It’s important to us to not only practice the visit of Santa or the Easter Bunny but to also embrace the other traditions that come with it. We love the preparation and as Emma gets older, I’m certain we’ll love it more. The excitement and joy we see in her is and will be priceless. It will be something that she will only experience for a short while and I want to soak up every moment of it. These are some of the moments we live for and what we love seeing with our precious daughter. She is embracing every moment of her life. Here are some special ways we celebrate the holidays if you’re looking for ideas. Today, I am going to focus on Easter since it’s the one closest to us:

Photo by FanPop

Photo by FanPop

  • We hunt plastic Easter eggs with Emma (will do outside if warm enough)
  • We decorate REAL eggs with Emma
  • We bake Easter treats (different ones each year)
  • We visit the Easter Bunny IF available (not a necessity)
  • We have an Easter basket
  • We have Emma’s Easter basket ready with gifts on Sunday morning prior to church
  • We read the story of Jesus’ resurrection from her children’s Bible
  • We have Easter lunch with family
  • We attend multiple church services where Emma attends a service directed towards her age group. If there is music or a performance we think she’ll enjoy (like “The Grinch” we did at Christmas), we will bring her in the adult service for that part.

Before you thing we’re hooligans and only share this with her, hold up. We make it a tradition to tell Emma the story of Jesus’ birth and his resurrection. We do this the night before the holiday and the day of. We bring her to church for every service we have and she learns it there, too. And we don’t stop there. We teach Emma about Jesus EVERY DAY. I just want to make that clear before any questions are asked.

Here is how we celebrate. We hope you enjoy your upcoming holidays, however you celebrate them, and pray you have a very Happy Easter!


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