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Preparing for Family Pictures- Fashion Friday Series March 22, 2013


As Easter quickly approaches and spring it already here, there will be a lot of people who have the opportunity to have family pictures made. Different people have different ways of doing pictures and today I want to share with you some ideas on how to do certain themes for your family pictures. I hope this helps you create some ideas to capture some great family moments!


*Your Alma Mater- Take family pictures in either your high school or college attire. JR and I went to different high schools but we both went to King College (now University). We make a point every year to do pictures in our King attire. It’s a lot of fun and reminds us of the college we both love so much. You can switch it up, too. If you and your spouse went to different schools, do some fun shorts of you in your own attire and your kid wearing a mix of both. Whatever you do, just have fun doing it!

*Your Favorite Team- If we have a favorite sports team, dress in their attire for pictures. We love the University of Tennessee but haven’t done an official family photo shoot in the attire. We don’t plan on it for now but may at some point.



*Your child’s favorite things. Emma is a lover of sock monkeys. We did her birthday this past year in sock monkey theme and took many pictures in the process of doing it. As your child gets older, you can do pictures with you all dressed in a certain style. For example, angry birds are something Emma likes and we’d like to do some shots with her and her angry birds along with some clothing and attire to match. JR and I don’t necessarily have to wear angry bird attire, but we can wear colors that match.

*Work on Blending. We try not to “match” so much as we try to blend with one another. For example, we have some outfits for our family pictures this year that pull together different colors. Emma is wearing a bright red, black, and cobalt blue dress. It sounds odd but the color combination is beautiful. I’m wearing a bright red dress with black leggings (of course!), and JR is wearing a dark jean color shirt with a black one underneath (the red color didn’t look good with his skin tone but these colors pulled from ours). It looks great together but doesn’t match so much you want to vomit.

Family Time in South Carolina

Family Time in South Carolina

*Your Style- Based on your style, try to dress like that and possibly spice it up at the same time.  For example, if you are more urban/hipster style, try doing shots at a downtown location. If you are more country, try taking shots at an old barn or farm. If you enjoy the outdoors, then go hiking and take pictures along the way. Use your surroundings (especially those that are free) as a backdrop. It will add uniqueness to your pictures and also pull out your personal style.

These are some suggestions on how to prepare for your next family pictures. Do you have any suggestions?


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