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Being a Full-Time Working Mommy March 26, 2013

Picture from Work Mommy Work

Picture from Work Mommy Work

Life as a mommy is sometimes hard, rarely easy, but always a blessing. Being Emma’s mommy has added more joy to my life than I ever knew possible but the reality is, it’s a a lot of work, too. My dad use to tell us we didn’t know “busy” until we had a child and he was right. I laugh at all the times we thought we were busy but the reality is, a child keeps you on toes 24/7. Add to that being a full-time working mommy. Sometimes things get so busy that I know I fail on one side or the other. Enter the moment here for a lot of grace- not just from others, but from myself. I have to remember regularly that I can’t be everything and my most important job at this point in life, above anything else, is being Emma’s mommy. Period. Here are some ways that I work to balance out my job and my family:

*I don’t bring work home (often). There are some times that I have to work. There are some days that Emma is home sick and I have to stay with her so I bring my work with me. On most days and evenings, however, I don’t work other than answering an occasional phone call or email. There are some times that work has to happen, however, and for those times, I get my job done but make sure that this isn’t a common occurrence. Usually, this only happens during big events or holidays, so only a couple times a year.

*I multitask. The only way I can make sure that my work doesn’t come home with me is to work hard while I’m at work. There’s a lot to do and only 8 hours in a work day, so that means I have to be on my toes and ready to go from the moment I get there. There are some things that don’t require 100% of my attention (for example- printing items), so while that’s going on, I try to do something else at the same time. Sitting around waiting on a print job that will take 10 minutes can be time spend doing something else.

*I keep a schedule/calendar for my work and home events together. I know a lot of people keep two different calendars and I did that at first, but then found I was missing things on one side of the other. When I keep them together, I know that I have a meeting for work one night at 6pm and prepare for that in advance. I also know if Emma has a doctor’s appointment at 9am and it means I need to do a little bit of catch up the day before. This helps in a huge way and reminds me of how much time I have for both parts of my life.

*Although I keep Emma separated from work, I don’t keep her separated from what I do or the people I do it with. Emma visits me at work when Farris (her babysitter) is out that way. There are sometimes that I have no other option than to bring her in with me. The reality is, however, that she LOVES the church. She loves the space ther and the people she sees. And they love her, too! They know her by name and she is always loved on in a HUGE way when she comes by. I love knowing that the people at my work value her.

*As Emma grows, I will probably involve her more in my work because I do work for a church. I want her to understand and know what all we do and how we are serving God with our time away from her. I want her to know that JR and I both love the jobs that we have and are so very blessed to be employed by the place that has changed both of our lives in such a positive way! Not everyone has this experience with their job, so I know we’re beyond blessed!

Picture from Work It Mom

Picture from Work It Mom

*I fight mommy guilt. It’s so easy as a mom- whether you work out of home, at home, or as a full-time homemaker, to not have mommy guilt. We all have it! I have to remind myself from time to time that for this season in my life, this is where God has called me to be. He has called me at this moment to be a full-time working mommy and because He has called me, I know He is taking care of my family. I also know that I give 110% when I get home and give my time and attention to Emma as best I can. I’m working to be the best mommy I can be and rely on Him to carry me when I fail.

This is how I’m working on balancing being a full-time working mommy. How do you balance work and home?


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