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How Bad Can I Be? March 27, 2013

Picture by IMDB

Picture by IMDB

Have you seen The Lorax? If so, you can agree with me that it’s a cute movie for kids but a convicting movie for parents. The question the Onceler asks in one of his songs, is “how bad can I be?” Emma runs around the house singing “baaaaaaad” anytime we watch it. For her, it’s fun. For me, it just makes me think more and more of what I’m doing for the good, or the bad, of our environment. It’s worth thinking about and that will be our topic for today.

When we use our day-to-day products, a lot of times we don’t put much thought into them. For me, that’s how I was with our disposable diapers. I am a busy full-time mom with a busy full-time husband who doesn’t have time for one. More. Thing. The reality is, with a little time and research, I realized I COULD make time for cloth diapers for Emma. The main reason for my decision was Emma’s personal health and our budget, but I’m not going to lie, the environmental gain was a huge part of it, too. We are mainly doing pocket diapers with some prefolds and covers, but I did look into gdiapers. I’m impressed with their diapers, they just weren’t for me, however, they’re a good hybrid for parents who aren’t completely on board. I really loved this video they showed about how long disposable diapers last and how they hurt our environment:

Another way that we’re working to be more environmentally friendly is with recycling. For a long time, I thought it was good but wasn’t for us. It was another thing that I didn’t have time to do. Until I started researching and realizing how much I could give back if I did something as small as recycling my water bottle. And then it expanded to paper. And cardboard. And other plastics. Did you know most shampoo/soap/etc bottles are labeled 1 or 2 and recyclable in most areas that have recycling available? The things you learn! There’s something that really makes me feel good about myself and what we’re teaching our child when we go out to the Coomes Center to drop off our recycled items (our local drop off). We got our bin at Ikea, but you can find them just about anywhere or make one yourself.

I would recommend focusing on buying items that are environmentally friendly. They will dissolve a lot quicker than other items and go back into the soil, even in the dump. When you have things that are plastic, especially heavy plastic, they will last FOREVER. They will be here 30,000 years from now when your lineage is long gone. But don’t worry, because your plastic bottle will still be around. Write your name on it so people will know where it came from. Or recycle it. Because THAT would really be the better idea.

The reality is, we need to be focusing not only on what we do but what we’re buying. There are many companies that are destroying the earth and we are sitting by obliviously, buying all their products. I know there are many companies I buy from that aren’t good for me. At this moment, I don’t know who they are because I haven’t researched enough, but I will. I want to not only make good decisions with what I have but with what I buy. I want to create a world that is safe for Emma, my grandchildren, and their grandchildren. One step at a time. We have to focus on all things and not think that we’re “good” just because we do a few things, because that’s the whole point of it. Being bad with one is STILL bad. After all, how bad can I possibly be? (thanks, Onceler!)

For those interested, here is the video of “How Bad Can I Be?” from the Dr Seuss’, The Lorax


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