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Outdoor Fun April 9, 2013

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Over the past few days, we have started to spend more time outside just enjoying the weather. I’ve had a great time with my little family and cannot wait to do more and more! I wanted to share with you today some tips on how you can enjoy these early spring days when it’s the warmest outside. Keep in mind if you’re local, tomorrow is suppose to be beautiful so plan time to get out!

Mommy & Emma at the Park

Mommy & Emma at the Park

*Go to your local park. In most towns, even small ones, there are parks. Some have kid friendly stuff, some have walking trails, and some have dog parks, too. The local park is a great place to go and just hang out. If there’s nothing specific to do there (ie: playground), then bring stuff to do! Pack a picnic, some balls, and a blanket. Make you own fun.

*Go to your local playground. I put this separate because a lot of places have playgrounds outside of parks. We have several playgrounds in Abingdon and they are for all different age groups. Emma’s favorite part about the playground is the stairs. She amazes me. She truly wants nothing more than to go up and down stairs. Over and over again. Either way, the playground is a great place to go with kids no matter what age.

Family Time on the Creeper Trail

Family Time on the Creeper Trail

*Go hiking. We are seriously in love with Grayson Highlands and the Creeper Trail. No joke! We have a few carriers for Emma that change depending on where we are going. We can’t wait to visit some places this summer a little further out to hike. Oh, and let me add that we are beginners. No hiking extraordinaire here. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated!

*Go to the indoor pool. It may be too cold to swim at the lake and your outdoor pool may not have opened, but you can visit an indoor pool to begin preparing yourself for days in the water. It would also be a great time to begin teaching your older kids how to swim so this summer they can focus on playing and having fun and you can feel more relaxed, too.

*Find things you can do outdoors locally that are free (possibly minus gas or a couple dollars). There are several things in our TriCities that we can do. We like Bays Mountain because they have coupons that make it free and the most we’ve ever paid is $4 for all three of us. Not bad! We also like to stroll downtime for family walks, including Allie. You can also check with your local library and see when they plan outdoor events. There are a lot of avenues to check out, especially as schools let out for the summer months.

Emma & Allie Summer 2012

Emma & Allie, Summer 2012

*Stay home! You heard me. Find stuff to do at home, too. We have several pools that we bought for Emma on super cheap clearance that we will fill up in the morning so they’ll be warm by afternoon. We have several bubble kits that we also got on clearance. Oh, and sidewalk chalk, too! There are endless things you can do outside and it changes depending on the age.

These are some of our favorite things to do. What do YOU like to do?


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