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Get Fit! April 10, 2013

Photo by Guthrie News Page

Photo by Guthrie News Page

At the Linkous house, we are working to get fit and stay fit. How you may ask? Well, we’re doing it one step at a time. We are not believers in the word “diet”. Diet promotes short term and something that you do to lose weight only. What we are doing is making a lifestyle choice, something that will affect us permanently, not only with weight but overall health, too. Now that I’ve explained that part, let me tell you how:

*We TRY to eat at home. This being said, I am a full-time working mom and JR works full-time, too. There are some days that we just don’t have the time or energy to fix a meal. There are some mornings that I don’t make things into the crockpot. There are also some days that we’re out all day. For those days, we try to make most of our meals but usually eat out once as a treat. Let me say here though that we strive to stay completely away from fast food. There are sometimes that fast food happens and when it does, we try to ALWAYS eat Chickfila as they have healthier options and let’s be honest- it tastes good!

*When we eat at home, it’s stuff that is good for us. We don’t eat burgers and onion rings every night. Well, we actually don’t eat those things much at all. We try to do meals that call for whole food ingredients so that way we’re eating healthy, too. There is a lot of slack given to whole foods and people saying that health food doesn’t taste good. Well, let me correct that. I have several whole foods cookbooks that I love. In fact, the majority of our favorite meals came from whole food recipes. If you’re new to it, two of my favorite cookbooks as of recently are Crock On! by Stacy Makes Cents and 40 Delicious Coconut Flour Recipes by Sarah Stevens. Both can be purchased for your kindle from amazon and Stacy’s can also be purchased in a hard copy. I’m in love with both of these and use them on a regular basis.

*We work out. Every time I say that I think of that song, “Sexy and I Know It”. I try not to but I can’t help it. I workout! Ok, but seriously, we are working out. Sometimes we don’t do our workout everyday, but that’s the goal. JR is currently doing DDP Yoga and is in love. We really like the book that comes along with it because he believes the same as we do about dieting vs. lifestyle change and he pushes a lot of the foods we already eat! Win! I really like Jillian Michaels’ 30 Day Shred. It killed me the first few days but I’m pushing through and really enjoying it. I would recommend finding a workout that you like. If you don’t like it, you probably won’t stick with it.

*We are active. We try to get out on a regular basis to play, go the park, go hiking, walk the creeper trail, and run occasionally. It gives us time to spend together as a family plus is it teaching Emma how to be active, too. She can’t do the exercises we do but she can run and play. I’m hoping that if we instill this in her now that she won’t stop doing it later.

How are you getting fit?


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