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Mother’s Day Ideas April 11, 2013

Photo by National Harbor

Photo by National Harbor

Before we know it, Mother’s Day will be here. For most of us, we get to celebrate this special day with a day free of cooking and cleaning, flowers, or breakfast in bed. For many of us, we also celebrate this holiday with our moms and/or mother in laws, too. As much as this day is about us, it’s about them, too. Today, I wanted to share with you some homemade gifts ideas from the heart. I hope you enjoy these ideas as much as I’ve enjoyed finding them for you! Homemade is my favorite kind of gifts to give and receive.

Homemade Beauty Products. Almost all mama’s like to be pampered and making them a unique body scrub or lotion is definitely a win! I made several scrubs as Christmas gifts this past year so I’ll pass on this one this time around but it would be a great gift for you to give! It was definitely a hit with all the women this year! Here are two links you can use, one is In Between Laundry’s ebook for making scrubs and it’s only $3.99! The other from Real Food Healthy Living for making homemade lotion bars and it’s FREE! Enjoy these!

Photo from Pinterest/Unknown Artist

Photo from Pinterest/Unknown Artist

Photo from Pinterest/Unknown Artist

Photo from Pinterest/Unknown Artist

Homemade Gardening Items: One thing you can’t give at Christmas (unless you live in Florida) is gardening items. It makes a perfect Mother’s Day gift around here as that’s usually the cut off for frost. I found this really cut idea for making homemade flower pots. Also, I’m in love with these gardening rocks to label your plants. This will definitely be a gift for my parents when they build their home and start a garden. The reality is we all plan on gardening. It’s a great way to be self-sustainable. Now, we just need to dig a well, too.

Homemade art projects. I love doing art with Emma and we love designing stuff ourselves. Well, I love finding stuff for JR to design for me. We made one similar to this for my grandparents for Christmas and it would be a great gift for any mom who has a growing lineage. We knew one of my cousin’s was expecting a baby boy (who they had already named) and my other cousin was getting married, so we including them in this, too. It’s good to think ahead so you don’t have to make a new one in just a few short months. Another thing I found is this piece that I can’t wait to make for our own house.  This will probably be something we display in our living area or kitchen to remind ALL of us on how we’re suppose to be. Another one is this piece we did last year for the moms. They loved it and both display it at their house for all to see.

What homemade ideas do you have? What have been your favorite gifts so far?


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