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The Farmer’s Market- Manic Monday Series April 22, 2013

In case you all looked last night, let me start now by saying we will NOT be making hummus today. We’ve had the stomach bug at the Linkous house this weekend and hummus was the last thing on my mind and I definitely didn’t want it in my stomach. As long as everyone stays healthy, we will making it for next Monday. This week, however, we are going to focus on something else. Something wonderful. The Farmer’s Market! Join me!


Photo from Abingdon Farmer's Market

Photo from Abingdon Farmer’s Market

The Farmer’s Market isn’t something that is only found in one area. There are Farmer’s Markets in just about every town and city now. Ours in Abingdon is one of our favorites but we’ve been to several, including the one in Greenville, South Carolina, and love them, too. I want to encourage you all today to shop your local farmer’s market and what you can be looking for there.

Herbs and spices. A lot of farmer’s markets will sell herbs and spices and sometimes the plants themselves. It’s a great way to add flavor to your food and it be fresh, too. One of our favorite things to buy from the market is the fresh cilantro. It makes some yummy salsa!

Produce. I’ve never tasted better corn than what we’ve bought at the market. Most markets have websites that will tell you what is in season so you’ll know before you go. Most also have a mailing list that will tell you what they have coming that week, too. I really like that. Also, some areas have different produce at different times. If you plan on visiting another area and going to their market, check what is available for them.

Canned items. Our market sells everything from jam to salsa, to honey to maple syrup, to molasses to peanut butter. It seriously rocks. We buy almost everything on this list from the market. In fact, we are going to visit the Greenville market in a few weeks and the salsa there is amazing. It will definitely be purchased! JR has been talking about it for a few weeks solid now.

A chance to find new stores. Several local stores are usually set up at your market, too. You can try their coffees, pastries, and other items and see what you think. We buy meats from a local place in Abingdon that we found through the market. Also, in larger areas you can find even more things. There are some amazing pastas at the market in Greenville. They will change your life!

Photo by Abingdon Farmer's Market

Photo by Abingdon Farmer’s Market

So, these are a few reasons why we love buying at our Farmer’s Market. It also supports buying local, which we’re all about. I hope this helps you in figuring out all the wonderful things you can get at your local market. If you live in or near Abingdon, we hope to see you there!

What is your favorite thing to buy at your local market?



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