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Welcome Baby Owen! April 23, 2013

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Baby Owen Harris

Baby Owen Harris

Every once in awhile God blesses us with what I like to call forever friends. These forever friends can come in many different shapes and forms, but most often it’s found in our family. My brother is my closest forever friend and always will be. I can’t remember the moment he entered my life but I also can’t remember a moment without him. Along with siblings, come cousins. Cousins are great! I was born into a family with 4 girl cousins (which I consider more like sisters since I never had one) and a baby boy cousin who is no longer a baby (he just turned seven a few short days ago!). My dear cousin, Kelly, was the first to see our sweet Emma Grayce. She came up just over a week after she was born to take some family pictures which I will always treasure. We hope to do the same for her. Do you know why? Because Kelly and her sweet husband, Brandon, just had their first baby and Emma’s first cousin- Owen Reid Harris!

Baby Owen...Again!

Baby Owen…Again!

I would like to welcome Owen to this wonderful world. He has blessed our family with a precious boy to love on and spoil for the rest of his life. He has provided two people with more purpose than we ever know until we are parents ourselves. I ask that you would pray for them daily as they enter this new world of parenthood and that God would bless them as they follow Him in how to raise their little boy.

Kelly & Owen

Proud Momma, Kelly, & Owen

I have a feeling Owen and Emma will spend many years together causing more trouble than we could ever imagine. I can’t imagine they won’t because I remember so many times of trouble with Kelly. I think it’s nothing short of amazing that Emma and Owen are exactly the same age apart as Kelly and I- 1 year and 9 months. I pray that they will grow close and be there for one another in years to come. They are family. They are forever friends. I am so glad that Emma was blessed with a forever friend and that Brandon and Kelly were even more blessed with this precious child! We cannot wait to meet him and are counting down the days- only 10 days to go!

Proud Daddy, Brandon, & Owen

Proud Daddy, Brandon, & Owen

Join me today in welcoming baby Owen (or baby O as Emma says) into the world! We love you and cannot wait to spoil, hug, and kiss you tons!


2 Responses to “Welcome Baby Owen!”

  1. Jen terlizzi Says:

    Love this! He is precious and is lucky to have such wonderful parents as I know Kelly and Brandon will be!

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