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Life a a Blogger April 24, 2013

Photo by Bella Donkey

Photo by Bella Donkey

I’ve thought about this and maybe this post should be called confessions of a blogger? Either way, it’s just the brutal, honest truth that life as a blogger isn’t always pretty and beautiful. The sun doesn’t always shine and bird aren’t always singing. Sometimes life is stinky.

I follow the Humbled Homemaker and read her post on being honest with her blog followers and felt the same conviction for me. I’ve had several followers comment or say to me in person that it seems that my life has no problems, is great, etc, and let me be honest- that’s not the case at all! Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE my life. I have a great daughter, an amazing husband, and am blessed beyond words, however, there are some days that really just aren’t that great and I don’t have it all together. Will you join me? Let’s take a look at my life…

Let me start by saying that my husband and I cleaned our house from top to bottom about two weeks ago. It was wonderful. I finished and felt like our house was worth a million bucks. About two days after it, it didn’t look quite like that. At all. Toys everywhere, clothes to be washed, smooshed yogurt and crackers on the floor, and more. Let me add here that we hadn’t cleaned our downstairs in MONTHS. Maybe a year? It was that bad. And we’re still not done. At my craft table sits craft ideas from Emma’s birth and a scrapbook that ended at our honeymoon. And the icing on the non-cleaning cake? A broken toilet seat downstairs. Yes people, do not plan to come over to our house and plan to use our downstairs bathroom for anything other than washing your hands or checking your hair. When will it be ready? I don’t know. I haven’t wanting to spend the money on a new seat since we aren’t using it now. How sad it that?

Emma and I ended up with the stomach bug this weekend. I did absolutely nothing. Not one stinking thing. I think the other move I made was changing an awful diaper that Emma had and placing it in the toilet to soak. It was that bad. Do you know what happened next? That diaper sat in our toilet for all of 18 hours while I slept. I eventually got to it after we were smart and switched to disposable while Emma finished up her illness. There were toys everywhere, clothes in all different parts of the house, and who knows what else. In fact, I’m still working on cleaning it up. I’m hoping to get to it one of these days.

Don’t even get me started on the food. The food is out of control! This morning, I found molded bread on my microwave (ew!) and yesterday I cleaned out TONS of old food in the fridge. How is managed to stay that long, I don’t know. I’m pretty sure I’ve been on repeat mode with everything I’ve fed my daughter the past few days and I’ve been too busy to think twice about it. No new foods for us, just the same ole thing. Before being sick, I finally found time to clean out my fridge and freezer (possibly the first deep clean since we moved in 5 years ago?) and couldn’t believe the mess that was there. That’s just gross. But it’s the truth.

So welcome to my life. My busy, messy life. I love every bit of it, but please believe me when I say it’s far from perfect! I’m just another person, like you, who is doing life one baby step at a time.


2 Responses to “Life a a Blogger”

  1. Donna Lynn Puckett Says:

    Welcome to the imperfect but blessed club of life!

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