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Dressing Thin During Weight Loss April 26, 2013

Photo by Chef Julie Yoon

Photo by Chef Julie Yoon

I love the feeling of losing weight. People ask, you notice, and your clothes get bigger. Well, that can be a double-edged sword. Obviously, you want your clothes to get bigger. The down side is when you’re on your way down and not at your goal and clothes aren’t fitting. You don’t want to buy all new clothes but you also can’t go to work with your pants at your knees. Then you won’t have a job to have money to buy new clothes once you get to your goal. Bummer! Today I want to share some tips on how to use what you’ve got (and a maybe a few essentials to get, too). Join me!

You’ve got to start looking at your wardrobe like you never have before. There are three categories to put them in:

*What won’t work. These are the things that will never fit again and you have no problem parting with, EVER. They are also the things that can’t be used in any way during weight loss. Put these in a pile to donate or sell at your local consignment sale.

*What will work later. If you have plans on becoming pregnant, some of these outfits may work for maternity attire on you. Keep in mind that you don’t jump from your size to prego belly in a day so you’ll need some clothes to help you through that jump. Some clothes that fit you a few pounds heavier would be a good idea. The only time this wouldn’t work is if you’re doing a drastic weight loss (I would say 50 pounds+), then you probably wouldn’t fit in them prego, either. Just put those back in the “what won’t work” pile.

*What will work now. During your transition, some of your clothes WILL work now. Start looking at your clothes and thinking about what shirts can now be worn as tunics, what pants/dresses can be belted, and what loose attire could fit you on the way down (ie: dresses, stretch-y pants, etc). Hold onto those because they will be your best friends as you move down the chart.

The key to losing weight is really similar to gaining weight during pregnancy. You are trying to use what you’ve got because you’re not at the ultimate goal (ie: completely lost weight; had the baby), so your body now is not the final result. You are only “borrowing” that look for a short time. Here are outfits I’ve opted for during my weight loss:

*Leggings- I love them. I know people have a love/hate relationship with them but I’m on the love end. Unless people wear them like pants. NO ONE should wear them like pants. Leggings help in the process because they help make long shirts/tunics able to be worn without pants. These are usually too short to wear alone or with tights so leggings bridge the gap.

*Dresses- I love a good dress. I wear them a lot of the winter with legging and boots and then in the summer bare-legged and with sandals or flats. As I lose weight, I belt them. Dresses are definitely forgiving as you’re on the way down and don’t show off anything you don’t want seen. I love dresses! A lot of mine will be usable when I’m at my final destination or as maternity wear the next time around.

*Skirts- not much to say here other than they fit in a similar category as dresses. I love a good skirt and they are great to wear on the way down, too. The reasons are similar to that of dresses so I’m going to leave here and go to the next place.

*Shorts/pants/capris- I am careful here. Very, very careful. I try to get things with some elastic in them so I know they can stretch some. I know they’ll fit through a few different sizes so I get more use out of them than something that’s fitted.

*Loose shirts/tops- I try to find shirts I’ve worn before that have the ability to stretch a little and be a little longer with added weight gone. These tops usually make great tunics in the mean time and work well with leggings. What a great way to make something old new!

Here are some tips on how I do it. I hope it helps you!

What is your favorite item to wear during the midst of weight loss?




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