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Whole Foods Challenge April 30, 2013

Photo by DIY Cozy Home

Photo by DIY Cozy Home

As many of you know, the Linkous family does whole foods (most of the time). We watch what we eat and what we buy. We are working to create a healthier atmosphere for us and Emma. Anyways, let’s be honest here. There are times we get busy and fall behind and we go out to eat instead of eating what we have at home. Now granted, we usually eat GOOD when we eat out but it’s not BEST. So we decided (as a family) that we were going to go whole foods only for a month and see what happened and how we did. Guess what? The start date is tomorrow! Today I will share with you what that looks like for us:

Whole Food Definition: Food that has been processed or refined as little as possible and is free from additives or other artificial substances.

Here is how we’re doing this:

*We’re planning to eat as many meals as possible at the house versus going out. When we go places, we plan on packing meals to eat. We normally do this for Emma, so it’s just two more people to pack for now.

*There will be no limits to grocery shopping. I will shop for things as needed and have spilt it up between a few different places throughout the month.I have also stocked up on a few things from the farmer’s market and our local grocery store already.

*We created a meal plan. Meal planning can be tough but we’re doing it. The only thing I didn’t label too well was breakfasts. We eat a lot of fruit in the mornings which don’t have to have much planning put into them. Plus, we always have baked oatmeal on hand. For the weekends, I will prepare items like muffins, pancakes, and more. Also, I have listed and planned for meals so we *shouldn’t* have to eat out any.

*We did plan a few times for eating out, just in case. We know that if we don’t, we could potentially fail and we don’t want to fail. We decided on eating out twice for any meal and three times for whole food meals. The reason for this is we have several times this month that we are going out of town. Several meals we will pack but we want to have back up options just in case. Our goal is to only eat whole foods but just in case we can’t find a place, we wanted to have a plan. Our plan is to NOT use all our options but at least they’re available.

*Each day at 12pm, I will be posting what our meals are for the day, that way you can follow us. I am using several ebooks that I found on Amazon (for free!) and will be labeling where I find everything.

So now it’s YOUR turn! Do you have any questions for me? Any recommendations? We can’t wait to start this journey!


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