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Get Organized May 1, 2013

I love organizing. Truth is, I am definitely a little OCD. I’m working on doing better and having a child definitely has kicked some of those tendencies to the curb. On the other hand, I have managed to keep part of it with me and organizing definitely falls into one of my favorite things to do still. Here are some areas that I would recommend getting organized and what we do.

Photo by SSTS Corp

Photo by SSTS Corp

*Your life. Yes, organize your life. The way I’ve always done this is with lists. Until recently, this is what I’ve always done but a couple of weeks ago I found this wonderful Home Management Binder and LOVE IT. It has helped me more than I could ever imagine. It helped me break down each day what I need to do and want to do as well as small things like how much water I drink and what I’m thankful for each day. It has many other forms that go along with it and you can pick and choose what you want to use. Definitely a win!

*Your child. Now, let’s be honest here. Children are like a little tornado and not everything will always be perfect in this side of organizing. With Emma, I mainly organize the things that she doesn’t see or doesn’t get in to. Her clothes and accessories are a big one. Oh, and diapers. Everything has a rhyme or reason and I can get to stuff quickly because I know where it is. Another thing I do is lay out all of her clothes/diapers the night before so that way we’re ready to next morning, even if we’ve had a rough night.

*Your home. I definitely enjoy keeping our home in order and to be honest, I move stuff around regularly. My kitchen is my favorite place to organize and I change it up pretty often. A few months ago, we moved all of cabinets around so everything on the bottom was “Emma safe”. She knows which drawers she can get in now so it’s not as big of a deal, but when she first discovered the drawers and cabinets, nothing was safe. I think the only thing that isn’t put in a specific place is a few boxes in the attic that belong to JR from when we first got married. Out of sight, out of mind.

*Our finances. Seriously. I highly recommend this one! Every 3-6 months, I go to our bill area and take the bills that have been stacked and decide what needs to be kept, tossed, or shredded. I have folders and containers for each bill, including taxes. It makes it really easy to find things when we need them. I also have a section that always stays out for taxes. Those don’t get put away until the next year but they stay neat and organized until then. It makes tax season 10 times better. Also, BUDGET! It’s a great word 🙂

*Our meals. I’m getting better and better at meal planning. It has not always been something I’m good at because to be honest, I’m exhausted at the end of the day and don’t want to sit out food or chicken or anything else. I’ve really had to make myself do this one and I’ve found it helps us a lot. Whenever I slack, we end up eating out (not bad food but it still costs more money) or scrambling to put something together. Meal plans ROCK.


Another recommendation is the Homemaking Bundle that is for sale now through Saturday, May 4th. There are TONS of great resources there! You can get 97 ebooks for only $29.97 which is a STEAL! Along with that comes $140 in FREEBIES! Check it out in the info from my post on Monday here and place your order here!

So how do you organize? Any tips?


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