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Quick Getaways May 2, 2013

Photo by PR Log

Photo by PR Log

We travel a lot as most of you know. Most of our trips are quick getaways and some are planned. Either way, we have some ways that help us prepare for any kind of upcoming trip and I wanted to share with you what we do. I hope this helps you!

*We keep all our travel size products together. We have several shampoos, lotions, razors, and such that are specifically used when we travel. Very few things do we bring full size. These items are all kept together in a bag of my items and a bag of JR’s items. It really helps in packing.

*We keep all of our travel bags together. We have one small suitcase which we normally use for traveling. In this bag, we had a dirty clothes bag, our cosmetic/hygiene bags, jewelry bag, and such. I love it. All I do is go downstairs and get one bag and all the other bags come up with it.

*I keep a packing list on hand. I have a generic packing list that has the things we need to bring regardless of where we’re going or what the weather. I also hold onto other packing lists for at least a year so I can look back and see what I packed previously. It may change some but a lot of it will stay the same.

*We keep travel food on hand. Whether we’re going overnight or just for the day somewhere, we always have snacks available to bring with us. We keep this in our house and keep cool packs in the freezer at all times. The best part is all of the meals we bring are whole foods. I really enjoy that bonus!

*We TRY to keep enough clothes clean to go somewhere if needed. I try to wash our clothes at least once a week and Emma’s diapers 2-3 times a week so we’re never digging for clothes. Emma has enough diapers to last her over a week but I don’t like to let dirty diapers sit. Yuck. We also keep disposable diapers on hand, too.

*I keep stuff where I can get to it. I use to keep our suitcases and vacation used items in the attic. Once upon a time I could get into the attic on my own. Now that it is Emma’s room and there aren’t permanent steps there, I have to get JR’s help. I hate having to depend on someone else to pack (even though JR always gets the stairs down for me). I would rather just do it all on my own. Hence why I reorganized (go back and check out how I organize) and put everything downstairs. Much better.

Photo by Female First

Photo by Female First

I am 99% sure that I could pack for me, JR, and Emma to go somewhere in an hour or less. I’m pretty sure I could include Allie in that, too. If anyone would like to give us an expense-paid trip somewhere just to see if I could do it, let me know. I would gladly accept the challenge!

How do you prepare for quick getaways?



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