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Shoes, Shoes, and Shoes- Fashion Friday Series May 3, 2013

Photo by In Fashion Rehab

Photo by In Fashion Rehab

Welcome back to Fashion Friday! Today we have something wonderful to talk about today- SHOES! Yes, I love shoes of all kind and rarely find a pair that I don’t like. The only problem comes when you’re trying to decide which shoes to wear with what outfit. Today I want to help you figure it out. Let’s go!

Sandals. These are my absolute favorite summer shoes. They come in all shapes and zies and can be worn dressy or casual. You can get them for $1 or more than $50. The options are endless. The great thing about sandals is you can wear them with anything, depending on what they look like. I like to wear them with dresses in the summer because they seem to make them less dressy. You can modify your sandal to a wedge which is like a sandal with a heel included. Rainbows are my favorite sandal but Tevas are starting to become a close second.

Flats. I am a love-hate relationship with flats. I cannot stand the way they look on me with long pants, mainly jeans. I just don’t they look flattering on me where I’m so short. I will wear them with dresses, skirts, shorts, and short pants. My current favorite pair are my Toms. I love that I have cute shoes and they support a good cause. You can’t go wrong there! These are a good boot alternative during summer months.

Heels. I’ll be honest here: since I entered motherhood, heels have somewhat become a thing of the past. I’ve never been great at walking in them and felt like mommyhood took a toll of me and gave me an extra amount of clumsiness. If I wear heels, I prefer them to have support to help out. A couple times a year I’m caught in heels but they’re few and far between. The great thing about them is they can dress up an outfit in a huge way and they’re a good alternative for boots if you want a heel but not full leg coverage.

Boots. These are my favorite shoes EVER. Boots rock my face off. During the winter it is seriously all I wear. Sometimes I can’t believe how long I wear them and how many weeks go by that they are the only shoe I wear. Boots can be worn with ANYTHING. I have yet to find an outfit that I don’t wear with boots. Buy a pair, even if they’re cheap. Best. Shoe. Ever.

Active Wear Shoes. These can range from tennis shoes to hiking boots and more. I have a pair of Keens that I would put in this category. I really like them and bought Emma a pair that should fit her this fall just in time for us to go to Disneyworld. I don’t wear active shoes a whole lot, unless we’re going to be walking a lot or hiking. They’re just not my thing, however, they look great with most all pants, shorts, and capris.

There are many other types of shoes but these are definitely in my favorites. What is YOUR favorite type of shoe?


2 Responses to “Shoes, Shoes, and Shoes- Fashion Friday Series”

  1. Boots in summer. Yes or no?

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